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In-game event "Big Hunt" is in full swing!

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The "Big Hunt" event is in full swing. Have you already collected cool gifts for your success in battles? We have extended the event until May 12th, so you will have more time to gain them all!

About the Event

The "Big Hunt" is a large-scale gaming event with unique rewards. It preserves the general principle of the previous "Prison Break" and "Winter Fiesta" events — play, earn a special currency and spend it on desired items. But the new event offers a lot of improvements. Read on to learn more about them.

Main Features of "Big Hunt"

While working on the new event, we took into account your feedback on the previous events, and made many significant improvements. We will tell you more about them below.

PvP Mode "Gun Game"

The main goal of the mode is to eliminate opponents with different arms and go through the entire chain of available weapon models as quickly as possible. In this mode, players do not choose their weapons. The arm automatically changes as soon as the soldier meets the condition of the current stage. The one who first tries out all the weapons and performs the final kill with the last arm wins. In this mode, you'll find familiar maps from the "Free for All" mode: "Motel", "Sanctuary" and "Widestreet".

PvE Mission "Retaliation"

In the new mission, you will continue to fight for Blackwood. The soldiers will have to search the enemy logistics base and uncover the secrets the opponent is hiding.

The warehouse is well guarded, and a lot of challenges will await you on the way: turrets, mines, electric traps, as well as the final boss — a helicopter. So watch out!

Unique Rewards

For your success in battles, you will receive unique items that can only be obtained in the "Big Hunt" event. The prizes include boxes with weapons from the "Zone" series, unique achievements and charms, the agent "Carp" skin, as well as a novelty for medics — the SIX12 AUTO-SD.

Event Rewards

We have completely reworked the reward system in "Big Hunt". In the previous events, players could only spend the accumulated currency to buy crates with random content. But in the current event, players can choose the desired items — accumulate the currency and buy what you want!

Rewards for Matches

Play in the "Big Hunt" event modes! Get a certain number of victories in PvE and PvP to earn thematic achievements and camouflages. The PvE mode takes into account the successful completions of the "Retaliation" mission, and the PvP mode — the completed matches in the "Gun Game" mode (the top 5 places).

By winning, you can get "Zone" skins for the Ruger Mk IV Lite and the Hunting Knife, al well as cool distinctions.

Event Shop

The game event shop offers an assortment of cool novelties: the SIX12 AUTO-SD, Agent Carp Medic Suit, boxes with weapons from the "Zone" series, stunning achievements and exclusive weapon charms.

Agent Carp
"Zone" Series
Weapon Charms and Achievements

The SIX12 AUTO-SD is a modern bullpup shotgun chambered for the 12-gauge shells. The novelty sports a high rate of fire, good accuracy and excellent range. In addition, the gun has increased damage multipliers. The perks are set off by a significantly reduced (compared to the rest of the Medic's arsenal) base damage and a modest cylindrical magazine that can hold up to 6 rounds.

Click on the image to see the specifications of the model.

This combination of characteristics embodies a classic arm for the Medic - a fighter who easily eliminates opponents at close range, but gradually loses power as the firing distance increases. Be sure to play with the new weapon and share your thoughts!

Click on the images to see them in full size.

Egor was born in a small village in Kazakhstan. During an urgent and contract service, he became a military physician, and also took part in several dozens of combat and rescue operations in destroyed nuclear power plants and in chemical disaster zones.
After the army, Egor did not join the ranks of a private military company, but instead began to work on commission, choosing rather difficult contracts. The young man was in good standing thanks to a lucky combination of rare skills.
Egor was very fond of equipment and, despite his wealth, preferred to procure equipment during missions, examining abandoned high-security locations. "This is the only way to get the best equipment" — the young man thought, while studying the contents of the lockers from abandoned bunkers and missile control centers. Was this right or wrong? Well, so far, none of Egor's allies has died due to radiation or poisoning, which says a lot!

The new weapon series features the best guns! Check out the in-game shop for boxes with the following weapons: IWI Galil ACE Gen II Rifle, Benelli Super Black Eagle 3, SIG 552 Commando and Benelli MR1 from the "Zone" series.

The shop also offers three new weapon charms and thematic stripes — decorate your arms with an all-new accessory!

How Can I Gain the Event Currency?

It is very simple to gain currency in the event - just play the new event modes and earn Black Market Coins. Moreover, there are three contracts available in the game. Complete them to receive a large amount of currency. There are both regular contracts with simple tasks, and a one-time more complex one, by completing which you will receive 1000 coins.

Click on the image below to learn more.

Click on the image below to learn more.

Click on the image below to learn more.

Hurry to take part in the event while you still can. Have a good hunt!

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