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[UPD] Ranked Matches: "Rock Solid" Season #3

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The third Ranked Matches season dedicated to the "Rock Solid" update has already kicked off. Take part in breathtaking combats and get plentiful rewards including powerful class-specific weapons, the Feather skin for the Hunting Knife, random boxes, unique achievements and a cool weapon charm. Hurry up to earn them all! 

upd: Current RM season has been prolonged till june 29


  • The season will last till the 15th of June.
  • You will fight on the maps of "Plant the bomb" game mode and Blitz except for "Platform" and "Heist".
  • SEDs are excluded from the Ranked.
  • The standard progression is on.

In order to advance between leagues, you need to win consecutive matches. As you climb higher, you will have to display better prowess, flexibility and persistence. At the same time, you won’t drop down instantaneously if you happen to lose — you will have a chance to recover by winning a series of matches. If you fail to use this opportunity and continue to lose, you’ll roll back to the previous league.

League Matches to win
21 1 out of 4
20 1 out of 4
19 1 out of 4
18 1 out of 4
17 2 out of 5
16 2 out of 5
15 2 out of 5
14 2 out of 5
13 2 out of 5
12 3 out of 6
11 3 out of 6
10 3 out of 6
9 3 out of 6
8 3 out of 6
7 4 out of 7
6 4 out of 7
5 4 out of 7
4 4 out of 7
3 5 out of 8
2 5 out of 8
1 5 out of 8
0 1 out of 5

In case of consistent progress, you will receive a special bonus for a winning streak. How does it work? It is quite simple: if you manage three wins in a row in the last matches of the previous league, you will automatically get one win in the new league. Here is an example.

Sixth League

A bonus for the winning streak is not counted: you will not be granted additional victory in the fifth league.

A bonus for the winning streak is counted: you will be granted additional victory in the fifth league.


Prove your skills every season to gain recognition and additional bonuses. The current Ranked Matches season offers new rewards such as Feather Hunting Knife Random boxes, the Feather skin for the Hunting Knife and a Earthkeeper Charm. You can also gain exclusive achievements: the "Sharp Claws" mark, the "Fragile Gem" badge and the "Mighty Wing" stripe.


  • The unique stripe "Soldier of Fortune" and the "Warface Ranking Matches League" badge will be given immediately upon reaching the 1st and the 21st leagues respectively.
  • Temporary weapons (for 3 days) will be awarded for the 21st - 9th leagues.
  • The charm and achievements for leagues are permanent.
  • If you skip a season, you’ll have to wait until the 12-season cycle is complete to try and earn the first league achievement again! All achievements can be obtained only once.

Please remember, that you can always check your progress on your profile page.

Compete and conquer!

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