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Update - 18.05.2022

Categories: Patch Notes


A new update has been installed on the game servers. In this patch, you will find thematic contracts and a pack of bug fixes. Most importantly, we have fixed several vulnerabilities that interfered with competitive gameplay.

Previous Version

New Content


Two new contracts with the previously released agent's content will soon become available in the game. Be sure to complete all the tasks and replenish your arsenal with cool novelties! Below, you can find more information on the contracts.
Click on the images to learn more.


  • Added an eSports achievement set.
  • Added a thematic contract and a Random weapon Box. We will tell you more about the ways of obtaining it in future publications.

Content changes


  • Improved the quality of icons for some weapon models.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed some causes of game client crashes.
  • Fixed a vulnerability that allowed players with third-party software to gain unintended advantage using the location of other players in the match.
  • Fixed a vulnerability that allowed players with third-party software to crash other players' clients.


  • Game lobby: fixed a bug due to which the floor textures would not render at certain camera angles.
  • Fixed a bug due to which icons of some weapon models were displayed incorrectly.

Known Issues

  • Missing localisation of some texts.
  • Some banners in the main menu might be displayed incorrectly for screen resolutions of 1440x900 or lower.
  • Sometimes the "Profile" tab shows an empty screen if the player has reached prestige levels. To fix the issue, restart the game client.

Soon in Game

The weapons below will be reworked. We will demonstrate the tweaked versions later.

IMBEL IA2 Assault

The IMBEL IA2 Assault is an assault rifle adopted by the Brazilian Army to replace the outdated FN FAL and M16A2. The novelty offers very unusual specs for a weapon of its class — it deals a very high damage, but has a quite low rate of fire.

The arm is a perfect fit for sharpshooters as it is very likely to kill enemies with just a couple of shots. In addition, the rifle is equipped with a unique grenade launcher, which will definitely help you out in a pinch.

V3 TAC-13

The V3 TAC-13 is a new shortened semi-automatic rifle from Remington. In terms of the in-game specs, the closest competitor to the V3 TAC-13 is the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3. The novelty differs from its counterpart thanks to an increased damage and a larger magazine capacity, but has a reduced range and rate of fire. 

The golden version features an even more spacious magazine.

See you in the game!

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