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Charm bug status update

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A number of players have reported a bug that allowed the player with a charm from the Battle Pass to gain an unintended advantage. In some cases, it even led to the character’s invisibility. The devs already know about the problem and are working towards eliminating it. The bug fix is planned for the next update.

If you found this bug, you should not exploit it, nor share it with the other players, as indicated in the EULA. Please, report the issue to the support. By exploiting the bug, you risk having your account blocked.

I have encountered an offender, what should I do?

You can report any and all offenses to the support center. Attach a snippet of a video with the player exploiting the bug to gain advantage. The offender’s account will be put under sanctions.

Report the cheaters to the technical support and do not use game bugs yourself — let’s keep the game fair! Thank you for abiding by the game rules and for reporting the issue!

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