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Update - 19.07.2022

Categories: Patch Notes


A fresh update has been installed on the game servers. It contains novelties for Riflemen and Engineers, the "Route 66" weapon series, as well as important bug fixes.

Previous Version

New Content

K&M Arms M17

This is a modern version of the Bushmaster M17S bullpup assault rifle, produced by K&M Arms. The novelty has several cool features at once — a hybrid sight and rangefinder.

On the rifle screen you can see the rest of your rounds in the magazine, your ammunition and the distance between you and your target. In addition, by pressing the "E" button, you will switch you between the collimator and optical sight.

While being similar to the IMBEL IA2 Assault rifle, the novelty differs from its counterpart thanks to increased damage multipliers and higher rate of fire, however it does have reduced base damage.

The golden version features a higher rate of fire and an even more spacious magazine.

We will tell you about the ways of obtaining the weapon in the near future.

Desert Tech MDRX

The bullpup weapon with a shortened barrel was designed by DesertTech Inc. The novelty has a good combination of high damage, good damage multipliers and impressive long-range damage. This allows you to eliminate enemies with a single headshot, even if they have topnotch equipment.

These characteristics are offset by a low rate of fire and a strong recoil (when compared to its nearest competitor, SIG 552 Commando and SAR 109T Specs).

Random boxes with the weapon will soon appear in the game shop.

"Route 66" series

We noticed that you liked the novelties from this weapons series from the previous update. So get ready to meet the latest addition to the "Route 66" series — SIX12 AUTO-SD and SIG 552 Commando! The guns' frames are adorned with trendy patterns of the previous decades. They will remind you of the good old days and bring forth a pleasant sense of nostalgia.

We will tell you about the ways of obtaining the weapon in the near future.

Content changes


  • "BP S16" box: name changed to "Special bundle featuring golden weapons".

Bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug that in some cases would cause a character to become invisible when using a charm from the Battle Pass.
  • Ranked Matches 3.0:
    • Fixed a bug, due to which in some cases the player lost when they crashed from the match and re-connected;
    • Fixed a bug due to which in some cases a player who left the match before it ended would not get a penalty in their Rating Points.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed a player to be invited to a match even if they were given a leaver penalty for previously exiting a match.

Weapons and equipment

  • Route 66 Benelli Super Black Eagle 3:
    • Fixed visual artifacts.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a unique silencer to fall into objects when the weapon dropped after the player’s death.
  • Fixed a bug due to which weapon textures with additional geometry became invisible if the weapon dropped after the player’s death. This error affected only some weapons from certain weapon series (for example, the Route 66 Benelli Super Black Eagle 3).
  • Hunting Knife: fixed a bug, due to which the knife was placed incorrectly in the character's hand when seen from third person.


  • Fixed a bug due to which in some cases bomb sounds would be played incorrectly.
  • Ranked Matches 3.0:
    • Fixed a bug due to which a player with few Rating Points could invite a player from a higher league despite the restriction.
    • Fixed a bug which caused the window that displays information about the Rating Points to be displayed incorrectly on some screen resolutions.
  • "Pyramid": fixed a bug that caused shadows to appear incorrectly.

See you in the game!

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