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Soon in game: Modification System Update

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One of the next major game changes that the development team is now actively working on is the redesign of the modification system. We want the new mod system to become really comfortable and convenient for the player, and make using the mods themselves more effective.

The system is currently under development and there is still much left to change. It is important for us to assess your feedback in advance, so that we can fully take it into account. We will be grateful for your feedback, which you can send our way here:

Reasons for the changes

In the current version of the mod system in our opinion there are a number of shortcomings that we want to fix:

  • The mods drop at random;
  • Existing mods cannot be saved, they can only be replaced;
  • There isn't a way to improve existing mods;
  • A lack of diversity, only a small list of weapons can be modified.

Main changes

We are trying to keep the best features of the current system (leveling up weapons, gameplay variability, weapons customization), and we want to make some improvements. You can read about those improvements below.

We are not talking about specific stats and values, we'll tell you about the general concept of future changes, the basic principles and the direction in which we're working. And that’s the kind of feedback that we would be happy to reciev from you.

Mod Inventory

Previously, you had to use multiple versions of the same weapon from different weapon series to customize it and suit it to different game styles. In the redesigned system, we want to give you the ability to customize your weapon to fit your needs before the fight starts. With an inventory of mods, all modifications received for weapons will be saved for future use.

Interface prototype — weapon mods

Interface prototype —equipment mods

Weapon enhancement

The new system aims to increase the time during which weapons retain their relevance. You level it up and modify it to suit your play style, and you get to play around and have fun with it in the process.

Expanding your arsenal

We want to expand the list of weapons that can be upgraded — not only new models, but also some old guns. This will be the most popular weapon available in the players' inventories.

Customization items

We want to add additional customization item that reflect the skill of the player in the weapon progression system— camouflages, charms and stripes. In addition, for some models, unique equipment may be available in the progression (for example, unique weapon sights, like on some older models).

New mod progression

We want to reduce the number of levels in the item progression. Players' current progress and item levels will be saved and if a weapon has been levelled up to level 50 out of 100, its progress will be automatically converted.

The amount of accumulated parts and installed mods on the available weapons will also remain, meaning that your progress will be transferred to the new system.

The progression and method of earning the parts will remain similar to how they were in the old system, although with several changes. You will be able to get parts in contracts, and level up weapons by spending time in matches. You will also have the option to speed up the leveling up process.

We will be glad to hear your feedback. Leave your comments and ask questions on our previously mentioned social media networks!

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