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Update - 30.08.2022

Categories: Patch Notes


A fresh update has been installed on the game servers. It includes a PvP map rotation in Quick Play, improvements to the matchmaking in Ranked Matches, the return of boost spots to the Modern maps as well as the new submachine gun KH9-EX. Read on to learn the details!

Previous version

New Content


We are glad to present to you a new weapon for Engineers. The gun is equipped with unique attachments that cannot be replaced with standard modifications. Its silencer does not reduce damage, while the grip reduces recoil. One of the unique sights (2x) indicates the distance to the target. In terms of the specifications, the model is close to the SAR 109T Specs: it has increased damage, improved rate of fire, excellent accuracy and impressive range of fire, offset by the minimum damage values, moderate head and limbs damage multipliers and most importantly — recoil which is more difficult to control.

The KH9-EX is available in two versions — the regular and golden ones. The golden version is distinguished by increased rate of fire and greater magazine capacity.

We will tell you more about the ways of getting them later.

"Route 66" Series 

The weapon series has been replenished with two new items — the IMBEL IA2 Assault and the Benelli MR1, as well as camos for them.

We will tell you more about the ways of getting them later.

List of Players from Previous Games 

Added the possibility to view the list of players who participated with you in the previous matches. This will make it easy to find other users: view their profiles and statistics, add them to the friend list, invite them to a clan and play together.


  • Added additional metrics to matchmaking logging in Ranked Matches.
  • Added an Esports achievement pack and a Goldwing HX Outdoors Trident.
  • Added thematic content: the Grapnel Jagdkommando, a weapon charm and a set of achievements.
  • Added a contract and a special box as a reward. The box includes "Fiesta" weapons.
  • Added a set of temporary "Rock Solid" equipment.

Content Changes

Return of Boosts to the Modern Maps

Some spots of co-op actions (boosts) have been returned to the Modern maps, while some existing spots have been reworked — now, these interactions are similar to those you encounter on the regular versions of the maps.

These changes affected Quick Play and Custom Rooms. The versions of the maps without boosts are now available only as a part of the seasonal "Knockout Trials" event.

Ranked Matches

  • We are aware of the issues with matchmaking in Ranked Matches and continue our work on improving the situation — we aim to reduce the matchmaking time and improve the quality of matchmaking. In this update, there will be several minor changes that may improve the situation.
  • The maximum rating currency limit has been increased to 3300 points.

Weapons and Gear

  • IMBEL IA2 Assault:
    • increased rate of fire (from 425 to 465);
    • softer recoil;
    • special underbarrel grenade launcher: reduced range and speed of the grenade.
  • OTs-14 Groza: reduced the visual shaking when firing (especially in the aiming mode) and increased the speed of weapon reload animation in order to match the real reload time.

Map Rotation

In one of the previous publications, we talked about changing the list of available maps and modes. Some of them will be available on a temporary basis and rotate every two weeks, while other maps or modes will become seasonal, appearing in the game as part of special events.

In this update, we have disabled some of the maps — they are no longer available. In addition, we have updated the terms of contracts including tasks related to the disabled modes ("Domination", "Battle Royale" and "Destruction") — these tasks are no longer available. 


  • Added highlighting of the weapon silhouette in the character's hands. Previously, if a player was watching an ally, he or she would see only the highlighted silhouette of the character.
  • Scoreboard:
    • headshots are now displayed as a number instead of a percentage;
    • in the "Plant the Bomb" and "Blitz" modes, the number of revived players is now displayed;
    • added columns with the number of deaths and accuracy;
    • removed the column indicating the player's clan.

Soon in Game

Vepr VPO-X3

The Vepr VPO-X3 is a new weapon for Medics. If you like weapons firing short bursts, this new one is for you! The Vepr VPO-X3 is a semi-automatic shotgun capable of firing 3-round bursts with a minimal delay. At close ranges, this shotgun is guaranteed to eliminate the enemy by hitting any part of the body, regardless of the equipment worn. This advantage is offset by a short firing range and the lack of possibility to reload one round at a time. Attachments include a unique scope and a special suppressor, as well as a standard set of barrel modifications.

We will tell you more about the ways of getting the weapon in separate publications.

Agent Taishan Pack

The agent's pack includes "Avalanche" weapons and camos, a Medic suit, a special weapon charm and achievements designed in the agent's style. You can get the items by completing new contracts.

Bug Fixes

Weapons and Gear

  • Raider Barrett M82A1: fixed a bug due to which, in the third person view, the lens of the unique sight was too bright against the background of the model.
  • Flippers Charm: fixed a bug due to which the charm textures intersected with some weapon models.


  • "Knouckout Trials" mode:
    • fixed a bug due to which the player did not receive a penalty after leaving the match before the end. Now, the penalty will be imposed: this is an accumulative ban of the ability to search for a match like in "Quick Play";
    • fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, the sounds of the announcer could be played with a delay.
  • "Free for All": fixed a bug due to which, at the end of the match, all opponents were displayed as allies.


  • Fixed a bug due to which part of the voting timer for the next map was not showing at 4K screens.
  • "Black Market": fixed a bug due to which the timer line was displayed incorrectly before updating the assortment of the showcase (it went beyond the screen border).
  • Fixed a bug due to which the descriptions of some charms could be duplicated.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, weapons could not be purchased if there was a discount on them (incorrect rounding of the amount).
  • Fixed a bug due to which the summer event tasks could be completed in Private Rooms.
  • "Black Market Order" Contract: corrected a mistake in the task description.
  • Fixed a bug due to which some box icons were displayed incorrectly in the in-game store.

Known Issues

  • Ranked Matches: the season leaderboard is not correctly displayed. In the current update, we are making a technical release of this mechanic including the tools needed for further work with the leaderboard, data collection and demonstration.

Good luck in battles!

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