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[UPD] Current Ranked Matches Season Prolonged

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We are doing the final checks of the new seasonal update, and we need a little more time to complete them. The current Ranked Matches season will be prolonged until the "New Power" update gets installed on the game servers.

Tomorrow, on September 15, during maintenance, the timer until the end of the RM season will be reset to 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST) on September 28. However, the end date is approximate meaning that the RM season can either end ahead of schedule or last a little longer.

upd: The current RM season will be prolonged till approximately September 28, and will end with the installation of the new seasonal update.

While the season is still on, there will be the same opportunities: to play, save currency and spend it in the RM store. We'll keep you updated, and very soon we will announce the date of the "New Power" update installation. Once the new update is released, the current Ranked Matches season will end and the new one will begin.

Thank you for understanding.


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