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UPD: New Seasonal Events

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In the "New Power" season, several seasonal events that you are already familiar with will take place. We will go into detail about the events waiting for you in the upcoming months and, most importantly, the rewards you can get for participating in them. Pick a section you are most interested in and read on.

Battle Pass
Ranked Matches

The Battle Pass "New Power" will be active until December 07, 2022. Please, calculate your strength to get as much done as possible before this date, it is unlikely that the season will be prolonged.

Just as in the previous launch, you have two access options — free and premium. In the first case, you will receive some fixed rewards (marked as "Free") and your progression will not be that fast. In the latter case, the limits will be lifted and the progression will become faster. The higher the access level, the faster your Battle Pass progression.

If you have any questions about the Battle Pass, feel free to check out the FAQ.


From the gameplay standpoint, the Battle Pass remained the same as in the previous season. There are 50 standard levels and 25 additional levels in the BP progression (the additional levels are only available with a premium BP access). In prestige levels, you will get more coins, which means more arms to replenish your arsenal.

How can I get BP XP? Easy: play any mode and complete a daily contract. The amount of XP depends on the mode (PvP, Ranked, or PvE and SOs) and its subtype.

To sum it up: the amount of XP you get for PvE and SOs is fixed and depends on the type of the mission as well as the time spent completing it. In PvP, apart from the time spent in game and the mode type, your place on the leaderboard and the amount of kills you made will also influence your XP gain. All technical details you can find in the FAQ.

Just as before, there are several types of rewards — earned in the progression, obtained for coins in the seasonal shop and by completing contracts.

  • Progression. By unlocking new levels, you will get various in-game items and consumables. The progression rewards are either free or premium. The free access rewards are available for everyone, the premium ones — for those, who have any level of the premium access. Generally, the condition of getting a reward is to gather the necessary amount of XP. Open the spoiler below to see, what rewards there are and how much XP is needed to get them. 
    Rewards List
    XP Distribution by Level
  • BP Coins. At some levels you will get Battle Pass coins. This is the BP currency that you can spend in the special store on cool temporary or permanent guns.
  • Daily Contract. Every day you will get a new task (provided there is a free slot: if there is none, the new tasks will come once you complete the current ones), for which you will receive 300 BP points.

Now, we will tell you more about what you can get for these actions.


The Molotov is a new type of grenades in Warface. After the explosion, the fire covers a small area for several seconds while the enemy caught in it endures repeating damage. The Molotov is equipped into the same slot as the frag grenades — you can equip either a frag grenade or the novelty for battle.

"Graphite" Gear Set

A little while back, we decided to return the classical class-specific roles within the game. The first step was the appearance of the "Rock Solid" gear in the spring season. Thanks to it, we managed to establish the Sniper as the most efficient fighter at long distances, who is able to support the team through scouting and provide extra fire power. At the same time, the Rifleman got the role of the main advancing unit that fights at mid and long ranges. We like the idea of the classical archetypes, where the Medic and the Engineer are supporting classes that help their teammates first and foremost, whose fighting efficiency depends on the range (short and middle, respectively), whereas Riflemen and Snipers control the rest of the playing field.

This idea shaped the basis for the new "Graphite" gear set, in which we tried to account for the particularities of each class and allow them the full range of motion within their specialties. 

For example, the new gear set offers excellent protection against bullets and explosions, but it significantly reduces health and armor regeneration. This will increase the value of Medics and Engineers on the battlefield and will up the demand for their skills — to restore health and armor points.

The protection rates of the class sets are practically the same (except for the Rifleman, who received 5 extra armor points). The new gear sets have good bonuses for each class: Riflemen get a reduced recoil, Medics — increased sprinting speed as well as sliding distance, Engineers will enjoy landmine activation delay and a bonus to finding them, Snipers — an increase in the weapon switch speed. 

According to our expectations, all this will help create a situation on the battlefield where each class can contribute to the overall success. And the players will get more room to try interesting tactics and team compositions.

"Neutron" and "Quantum" Series

In this season of the battle pass you will find two weapon series executed in a military style.

The "Neutron" series includes: K&M Arms M17, AK-47, V3 TAC-13, Fabarm P.S.S.10, KH9-EX, SR-2 Veresk, AWP, Mauser Kar98k, H&K VP9 Match, Desert Eagle and the Hunting knife.

In the "Quantum" series you can find the AN-94 Abakan, Kel-Tec KS7, PP-19-01 Vitjaz, SV-98, Buckled Lupara and a Stun baton.

New Achievements

New Charms

Power Unit A

Power Unit B

Power Unit C

Power Unit D

Power Unit E

You will find cool weapons in the seasonal shop: the K&M Arms M17 assault rifle, the V3 TAC-13 shotgun (the characteristics of which have been improved in the "New Power" update), the KH9-EX submachine gun, and the AWP sniper rifle. The models are presented as part of the "Neurton" series.

The weapons in the shop can be obtained for BP coins, both temporary and permanent. All unused coins will expire at the end of the season and will not be transferred to the next one. Be careful and try to use them all up!

To get a permanent weapon, you will have to buy the temporary versions at stages 3, 5, 6, and 9 (that cost 25, 50, 75, and 125 coins respectively), before you buy the permanent weapon for 175 coins. Thus, the total cost of the weapon is 450 coins.

Prestige levels are additional levels (101-1000) in the progression system that you can unlock during seasonal activities. The way you pass through the prestige levels is no different to doing so with normal progression levels — you play and gain XP in each battle. The only difference is that Prestige levels take more XP to unlock and will be reset each new season. 

The "New Power" Prestige season will be active until December 07, 2022.

Why would you want Prestige? Quite simple: for extra rewards! This season you can get a rare achievement set, useful consumables for battles, and 4 permanent golden weapons.

Total XP
Total XP
Poly Mark
1 284 000
Poly Badge
Resurrection coins (15 pcs.)
XP Booster (3 d.)
1 976 900
Poly Stripe
2 780 100
Golden Stoner LMG A1
Mastery Booster (3 d.)
Parts (200 pcs.)
4 501 900
Graphite Mark
Resurrection coins (30 pcs.)
6 316 000
Graphite Badge
Resurrection coins (50 pcs.)
7 247 600
Graphite Stripe
VIP-Booster (3 d.)
8 192 600
Golden СV-98
Mastery Booster (7 d.)
Parts (300 pcs.)
10 117 300
Golden Kel-Tec KS7
Parts (500 pcs.)
14 078 100
Golden TX-15 SBR
18 155 200

UPD: The "New Power" Ranked Matches Season has been prolonged until December 7, 2022

The "New Power" Ranked season will be active until November 30, 2022. When the season ends, an in-between period might begin — ranked PvP will not be available until the start of the next season. This time will help you rest before the next challenge and we will have some time to finilase the upcoming season.

The battles in the Ranked mode will be held by the usual rules. If you need a refresher, follow this link. Here is a couple of things to note:

  • the currency earned during the season does not expire and will be transferred to the next season;
  • when the season ends, an in-between period might begin, when ranked PvP is not available until the start of the next season. We will notify you about it, so follow the news!

And the rewards? We have added weapon boxes, temporary guns, new achievements, charms, meelee weapons, and skins. In short, everything you need for a glorious victory! 


See you in the game!

 Be sure to share your thoughts about the seasonal activities in he game in our social media!


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