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Soon: "My Items" Closure

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Previously, we started to gradually deactivate the "My Items" section of the website by sending all new items to "Services". It's time for the next stage — to clear "My Items" from the articles it holds. Please note that we do not plan to merge the two inventories, but we are giving you time to transfer your articles from "My Items" into the game.

How will it happen?

  1. The "My Items" page will be disabled in April 2023. You have about five months to transfer all your items into the the game and make use of them.
  2. After the closure of "My Items", you will have no access to it as well as to the items remaining in it.
Before April 2023, make use of your items and transfer them into the game!

Transfer items

Why has this decision been made?

  • Maintaining two inventories requires lots of resources as the number of items on accounts keeps growing. For the same reason, we will not be able to merge them. This is a very complicated process that is almost impossible to implement. We don't want you to have a negative transfer experience and lose your items.
  • The transferral of articles from "My Items" cannot be optimized due to the peculiarities of the website and the technical specifics of the game. Item transferral from "Services" is faster and uses less website resources.
  • The "My Items" page is outdated: it looks worse than "Services", it contains items that are rarely used and rather look like something that will never be needed, but is stored "just in case".
  • "My Items" completely duplicates "Services". This confuses players when it comes to understanding where and what is stored and where and what was sent.

How to transfer the items?

  • Go to "My Items" and decide which items you want to transfer.
  • Select the items you want to transfer and gradually send them to the game. We remind you that you have about 5 months to complete the process!
  • Do not try to transfer all your items at once: the website has limits on operations number (captcha), and a large number of people who want to transfer all of the items can cause high load, and articles will not be trasferred into the game immediately, but on a first-come, first-served basis.

My Items Services

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