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Top offers of the week [November 25th]

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Want to know about the special offers we have prepared for you for the coming week? Then keep a sharp eye on the updates in this article! During the week, this publication will contain information about new launches and their conditions. For your convenience, use the navigation below. Simply click on the offer from the list to get to the details.

Top-up bonus

For all of you who have longed for a great top-up deal — we would like to introduce a special offer, which is already live and will be active till 20:59 UTC (21:59 CET) on the 27th of November. Upon purchasing packs of 300, 500, 1000 or 2000 Kredits, you will receive a 40% bonus on your accounts! Each package bonus can be applied only once.

Shop Offer Conditions

Gift Marathon

Do you want to get some awesome-looking weapons! Just buy items for Kredits in the game shop and receive your gifts. The offer is already live and will be active till 20:59 UTC (21:59 CET) on the 24th of November. Participating is easy: purchase any items with Kredits in the game store, reach a certain amount — and get stylish weapons and Random Boxes from various series! And once you spend or purchase 2000 Kredits or more in total, you will be able to open a unique crate on a special page, and receive a permanent weapons from the list below.

150–249 К
Viridian Hunt Group MH12
(5 days)

250–499 K
Box with Viridian Hunt Group MH12
(5 pcs.)

500–749 K
Huntsman Mauser Kar98k
(5 days)

750–999 K
Box with Huntsman Mauser Kar98k
(5 pcs.)

1000–1249 K
Asgard Quarter Circle 10 SMG
(5 days)

1250–1499 K
Box with Asgard Quarter Circle 10 SMG
(5 pcs.)

1500–1749 K
Anaconda IWI Galil ACE 23
(5 days)

1750–1999 K
Box with Anaconda IWI Galil ACE 23
(5 pcs.)

Offer Page Offer Conditions and F.A.Q.

Click on the image to see the contents of the crate.

You will need to manually open the crate with gifts on the offer page! After that, your gift will appear in the "Services" section of the website.

Top-up bonus

Are you bored of your weapon arsenal? Then it's time to refresh it! Lucky for you, today we have just the offer. It's already live and will be active till 20:59 UTC (21:59 CET) on the 22nd of November. Upon purchasing certain Kredit packs you will receive from 10% to 30% bonus Kredits on your accounts. The bonus can only be obtained by paying on a special page.

Shop Offer Conditions

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