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Update - 23.11.2022

Categories: Patch Notes


A new update has been installed on the game servers. The new PvE mission "Rift: Infiltration", improved optimization for the Molotov cocktail and bug fixes from the previous version are already waiting for you. But that’s not all, some content will be available at a later date, so keep an eye on our news!

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New Content

PvE mission "Rift: Infiltration"

The toughest fighters will have to infiltrate a top secret base: an Oberon cloning and SED manufacturing facility. Operatives need to infiltrate the area, try not to make too much noise, and reach the sedrium storage.

Interested in the gameplay? Then be sure to read the full article about the new mission!

Mission Details

"Black Friday"

Once a year, "Black Friday" takes over the world. We decided to prepare for this day and share the new "Tribal" series with you. The guns from this series are decorated with patterns of long forgotten tribes and preserve the spirit and power of our ancestors. The series consists of: Buckled Lupara and the Karambit, as well as camouflages for them. In addition, you will also find the thematic Tribal Charm, which will be perfect for any of your weapons and will protect you from all of your enemies.

This thematic content will be available closer to "Black Friday". Keep an eye on our news and updates in the game store!

Agent Maori Set

The agent's pack includes "Lost Islands" weapons and camos, a Sniper suit, a special weapon charm and achievements designed in the agent's style. You will be able to get the items by completing new contracts.

You'll find more information about the agent, thematic content and contracts in a separate publication on the day of the agent’s release.


  • New camouflage and series have been added, we will explain how to get them in future publications.
  • New contracts have been added. By completing them, you can get new weapons and unique achievements.

Content Changes


  • Map rotation in "Quick Play": the standard version of "Oil Depot" has been temporarily changed to the thematic one — "Euro Oil Depot".
  • Team Gun Game:
    • The maximum number of players in the squad has been limited to 3 (previously was 5);
    • The time limit for players to connect to the room after the game has started has been increased.


  • Ranked Matches: the scoreboard now displays information about protection against point loss during the transition to a new league.
  • Modification System: pistols now have a passive progression — you will get mastery points for them even if you don’t use them in battle.
  • Updated localization: added some missing in-game and item descriptions, fixed some inconsistencies.

Fixed bugs


  • Fixed some bugs that caused the game client to crash.
  • Melee weapons: fixed a bug that may have prevented the player from dealing damage while using melee weapons.
  • Fixed a bug, which caused infinite consumables (flash and smoke grenades, as well as anti-personnel mines) to appear in players' inventories.

Weapons and Gear

  • Makarov Pistol:
    • fixed a bug that caused the model's characteristics to differ from the normal version;
    • fixed a bug that made it impossible to install mods on the weapon.
  • Molotov cocktail:
    • optimized the consumption of PC resources during an explosion;
    • fixed a bug that caused mines not to explode from flames;
    • fixed a bug, due to which the sound of effects was played after their completion;
    • fixed a bug, due to which in some cases the explosion sound did not reproduce in the game;
    • fixed a bug, due to which low settings graphics could not display the effects of throwing a Molotov cocktail in water;
    • fixed a bug that caused mini-bosses in PvE to take extra damage (SED, SED 2.0, Firestarter).
  • Modification system: fixed an error, due to which in some cases, mods could not be unlocked even when reaching the required mastery level.
  • AS Val Custom: fixed a bug, which caused the sight grid to disappear under a smoke screen.
  • Apostate Stoner LMG A1: fixed a bug that caused the weapon icon to be displayed with an incorrect size.
  • TX-15 SBR: fixed a bug that caused bullets to fire below the sight point when using the weapon.
  • Barrett M82A1: fixed a bug, which made it possible to make two shots during a change of position (from standing to prone), increasing the rate of fire.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which in some cases the sounds of shooting were not played.


  • Motel, Halloween Motel: fixed some bugs (mostly graphic artifacts and incorrect sounds) on the maps.
  • Ranked Matches:
    • fixed a bug due to which the number of matches with protection against loss of points was displayed incorrectly after moving to a new league;
    • fixed a bug due to which, after the end of the battle, the calibration matches progress was not displayed;
    • fixed a bug due to which the Random Boxes content may not have been displayed in the seasonal shop.

PvE and Special Operations

  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to gain invulnerability in some cases after eliminating a mini-boss.
  • Heist: fixed a bug that made it impossible to get secret achievements.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game client to decline in performance when showcasing comics.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the loading screen to be displayed twice if the last game session was not completed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game client to decline in performance when changing presets or updating the charm list.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the interface elements to be superimposed on each other when moving from the Random Box opening window back to the player profile.
  • Fixed a bug, which in some cases changed the illumination of the shooting range during a match search.
  • Fixed a bug due to which in some cases a black screen would be displayed for a long time when starting up the game.
  • Fixed a bug due to which in some cases the in-game lobby could not be displayed after entering the game.
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to equip several flash and smoke grenades at once.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the shooting accuracy of sniper rifles was incorrectly displayed in the item information view window.

Soon in game

SIG MPX Copperhead

A novelty never before seen in Warface — dual wield guns! The MPX Copperhead is a 9mm submachine gun developed by the famed German company "Sig Sauer". You will have two weapons in your hands, you can fire from both simultaneously or alternately from one to the other by pressing the left and right mouse buttons respectively.

You will be able to install mods onto these weapons, including unique ones. Dual guns have to have cons, and in this case — you will not be able to aim. Shooting using the novelty will be most effective at close range, at medium range, it will require a lot of skill and dexterity to fire while battling intense dispersion.

Based on the results of testing, the weapon will be fine-tuned.

Sentry 12

The Sentry 12 is a pump-action magazine-fed smoothbore shotgun designed by Iron Horse Firearms. The novelty has an optimal combination of advantages: high damage, good range and damage multipliers as well as excellent accuracy.

You can install mods on the weapon, including unique ones. One of the unique mods increases the weapon's rate of fire, but slightly decreases damage. The second mod puts the gun into grapeshot mode.

The golden version sports a larger magazine and has a longer range.

We will tell you more about the ways of getting this weapon later.

"Football" series

For the Warface football fans, we have prepared themed charms, a set of achievements, a smoke grenade and a Random box, by opening which you can get the weapons from the "World Tournament" series (except for the Jagdkommando knife) for 3 hours or permanently.

You will be able to get all of the items listed above in special contracts that can be activated later. You can find out when they start in the appropriate tab in the game interface — or when this article will be updated.

New Ranked Matches Store content

The Digital Assault Rifleman Suit, Sports Timer Charm and the Glooming Cleaver will be added to the game. These items will testify to the strength, resilience and the endless number of battles you went through, since only those who played a lot of Ranked Matches and accumulated a lot of rating currency will get their hands on them.

The new items will be available in the Ranked Matches store in the near future.

Good luck in battles!

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