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Mods for Devices already in game!

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Now you have the possibility to upgrade and install modifications onto devices. Read on to learn more about the new feature and how it works!

About the Devices

Devices is an umbrella term for all the modifiable consumable items that the player can equip aside from armour pieces and weapons. In this list, we include all kinds of grenades, claymores, as well as class-specific items of the "Special" category (medkits, defibs, armour kits, ammo packs). Thematic and festive items will not be considered devices (e.g. Pumpkin Claymores, Banana Claymores, Christmas Gift Boxes, Knockback Grenades, and so on — anything that is not a classic consumable).

What changes?

Before, there used to be a lot of different items under the same category. These were a few kinds of frags and dozens of smoke grenades, various claymores, as well as at least three versions of "special" items: ammo packs, medkits, defibs, and armour kits. All these items used to have small differences in their specs, they could not be changed or upgraded. Some items were not used much at all, as there were better alternatives. Taking into account all these reasons, we took a decision to give you more options to customize the effects you need with the help of mods. The visuals are also be customizable: you may have a single grenade and change its looks without having to buy new items, as it used to be before.


The items now have mastery progression, and you can to install up to two mods. Every type of item has its own set of mods. You can find characteristics you are already familiar with alongside new ones (including unique specs).

The devices' appearance changes in the same way weapon camos change. You will have to go to the Inventory, pick an item and toggle the desired look. For example, for grenades, you can change visuals of the smoke screen (for smoke grenades) or the explosion effect (for frags). There is no appearance customization option for claymores— specialized claymores have vastly different characteristics, unique ones included, and changing their look can confuse players.

These changes bring variety into the gameplay, you have more flexibility in applying the desired specs and item appearances. Furthermore, the mod system now allows you to enhance the effects and bonuses from the familiar items, such as increasing damage from claymores or speeding up the armour points recovery.

Grenades and Claymores

Grenade mods offer different effects that modify their in-game specs. For example, for a frag grenade, you can increase its explosion radius and damage, for a smoke grenade — its explosion radius and the smoke screen duration. See the full list of available modifications for different grenade types below.

More about the grenade mods

M26 Grenade:

  • increased damage;
  • increased explosion radius;
  • increased throwing and switching speeds;
  • decreased detonation delay;
  • possibility to carry two grenades with reduced damage of each item and a damage indicator (incompatible with the mod increasing damage).


  • reduced blinding effect for the player and allies;
  • increased flare radius;
  • increased throwing and switching speeds.

Smoke Grenade:

  • increased the smoke screen effect duration;
  • increased the smoke screen radius;
  • increased throwing and switching speeds.


  • increased area of affect;
  • increased burning duration;
  • increased throwing and switching speeds;
  • added the visual effect of the player being on fire after leaving the area of affect.

M18 Claymore:

  • increased damage;
  • increased explosion radius;
  • decreased detonation delay;
  • increased placing and switching speeds.

Grenade mods

Molotov mods

Claymore mods

M84 mods

Smoke grenade mods

Special items

You can also upgrade special items of the Rifleman, Medic, and Engineer. Up your mastery, combine mods, and get a build tailored to fit! More on the mod effects under the cut.

More about class-items' mods

Ammo pack:

  • increased the ammo restoration distance;
  • increased the ammo restoration speed;
  • increased the amount of packs on hand;
  • faster pack reload.


  • increased the health restoration distance;
  • increased weapon switching speed;
  • fast health recovery with slow reload;
  • increased health restoration and medkit reload speeds.


  • increased revival distance;
  • increased weapon switching speed;
  • more HP after revival;
  • increased revival and attack speeds.

Armour kit:

  • increased armour restoration distance;
  • increased weapon switching speed;
  • fast armour recovery with slow reload;
  • increased armour restoration and armour kit reload speeds.

Ammo pack mods

Medkit mods

Defib mods

Armour kit mods

How do I upgrade the devices?

The mastery progress for devices works in the same way as it does for pistols — you do not need to use them in battle, just have them equipped. For advancing through the mastery levels you will get parts, new mods and mod slots, as well as skins. The overall speed of mastering a device is higher compared to weapons. You also need less mastery XP (25 levels instead of 40) and considerably less Kredits to buy all the levels (would you wish to go about it that way).

By playing with old items that do not have mods, you will still gather mastery points for the progression of their newer versions. For example, by using the FG4 grenade, you will get mastery XP for the M26.

The mod upgrading cost has also been reduced — it costs 50, 150, 250, and 500 parts to upgrade to the rare, very rare, legendary, and elite level respectively. For some items, there are unique mods that cost 1000 parts.

What happens to old items?

All versions of grenades and special items are no longer available in the in-game store (except for a couple of claymores: Pumpkin Claymore, Banana Claymore, Christmas Gift Box, and the Anti-Personnel Mine). We have sent their basic versions to every player. We will not be giving away Molotovs, as it was available in the Battle Pass. In the future, there will be more ways of getting this item.

Old items in the players' inventories will remain. You are still able to use them, but they are not upgradable or modifiable.

Below is a list of items that are not available in the mod system:

  • Banana Claymore;
  • Pumpkin Claymore;
  • Christmas Gift Box;
  • Anti-personnel Mine;
  • FG4 Grenade;
  • Knockback Grenade;
  • Christmas Grenade;
  • Fireworks Grenade;
  • Snowball;
  • Mischief Grenade;
  • all smoke grenades, except for the White Smoke Grenade.

Follow the updates and share your thoughts in the comments! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. We will take the most frequent ones and answer them in a separate publication or an F.A.Q.

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