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[UPD] Happy Holidays, Warface!

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This year has been full of amazing new stuff, cool game features and exciting events. Our team's worked diligently to bring you lots of fun. We enjoy our work and take pride in it. But most importantly, we strive to bring you, our players, something you enjoy and come back to. We would not be here without you! So, our team has prepared a little something to wish you happy holidays! 

2022 Recap

By pressing the button below, you can see this year's recap: all the exciting new features we have released, our resolutions for the next year, and a more detailed breakdown of the game's most prominent updates and changes.

2022 Recap

You are more than welcome to visit our social media and share your favourite features in the year of 2022: which Battle Pass you liked the most, what event you were most excited about, and your Warface resolutions for 2023.

Personal Statistics of the Year

You can also check your personal statistic of 2022. Click on the button below and open the special crate to see just how well you did this year!

2022 Replay

[UPD] Increased Server Rates

Enjoy more WF$ and XP, starting from the 27th of December, 10:00 UTC, until the 2nd of January, 21:00 UTC!

  • + 50% from the 27th of December, 10:00 UTC, until the 30th of December, 20:59 UTC;
  • + 100% from the 30th of December, 21:00 UTC, until the 2nd of January, 21:00 UTC.

May your wishes come true and enjoy the holidays!

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