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Main Ways to Earn Parts for Mods

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We constantly develop and improve the modification system. The range of items that can be modified is expanding. And to upgrade mods, you need parts. How to earn parts? We've collected the main ways in the publication!

How to earn parts?

Parts is a special currency with which you can purchase or upgrade weapon mods. A full upgrade of a weapon (except for the models from the old vendor system) costs 10,200 parts. These are two fully upgraded mods and one unique mod. It's much cheaper to upgrade devices. A full upgrade will cost 1,900 parts (or 1,950 parts if a unique mod is installed in one of the slots).

The game offers many ways to earn parts for upgrading mods including regular contracts, as well as in-game activities, where, among the rewards, you can also find a lot of parts. Read the details below!

Weapon Progression

You can get parts by leveling up through the mastery of weapons and devices. Level up the weapon mastery, earn parts and upgrade mods to fit your play style!


There are two repeatable daily contracts available in the game. By completing them, you can get 400 parts. The contract tasks are simple and most often are completed by just playing the game. If you complete the contracts daily during a month, you can accumulate 12,000 parts.

Battle Pass

In the new Battle Pass, you can earn up to 11,000 parts to buy and upgrade mods. The main BP progression and the Battle Pass store are the sources of obtaining parts. You can get 1,000 parts at progression level 21 (premium access required), and, in the store, you can purchase up to 10,000 parts (full redemption costs 250 BP coins).

More about the Battle Pass

Prestige Levels

In this season, we've reduced the amount of experience required to advance through ranks (from 18,155,200 to 10,662,000), and added parts to the progression rewards. Achieve higher ranks and get parts! Parts are given for reaching certain levels. In total, you can earn 5,250 parts in the prestige progression.

More about Prestige Levels

"Winter Brawl" Event

A new event has begun in the game: play the new "Brawl" PvP mode, complete contracts and earn tons of rewards! In the event showcase, you can purchase from 10 to 600 parts for each card opening using the event currency.

More about the Event

Use our tips to accumulate a lot of parts and upgrade at least your favorite gun for each class. Other sources of parts may appear in the future. So stay tuned!

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