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PvE Mission "Rift: Revelation" Details

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Previously, in autumn, the squad led by Noda was sent on a mission called "Rift: Infiltration". The task was not easy, and the mission was interrupted by the destruction of the Sedrium storage and escaping from the bridge. The new "Rift: Revelation" mission is the long-awaited continuation and the finale of the plot. Check out the trailer on our channel and read the article for some details!


The adjective is to get to the heart of the Labyrinth — the lab, where clones of famous people are manufactured and stored.

The Forest

The players travel from the river bank where they ended up after escaping the bridge, to the Labyrinth main facility. The radio drowned when the squad jumped into the river, so the supply of helpful tips from general Wharton is cut short. But the problems don't stop there: since the storage needed to be destroyed, with the help of artillery, earlier than planned, the entire valley is poisoned with Sedrium. The quick and easy way to the tower is inaccessible.

The Waterfall

The squad crosses a mountain pass and reaches the tower from behind — the waterfall, from where provisions and gear for the inside complex is supplied. The fighters face resistance from turrets and a SED, and having cleared them, they take an elevator to the internal perimeter of the Labyrinth.

SED Storage

Passing all security systems, the squad reaches the tower and enters the clone storage — a large room filled with capsules with controllable clones of powerful people. The Labyrinth uses them as avatars in their shady business. After seeing the contents of those capsules, Noda reaches out to Wharton and tries to send him footage from the fighters' cameras, but Wharton refuses to trust an "anonymous source". Noda is forced to disclose her identity, yet it still won't convince the general. Among the clones, Noda does not see a single Oberon — perhaps they are stored separately. The players will have to find them.

The Finale

Up on the tower, the squad faces an upgraded Firestarter that is controlled by several operators and has several levels of protection. Only after defeating it, the fighters go further up to the headquarters, where they find an entire dozen of Oberon clones.

Playthrough Advice

A good chunk of battles in the game are at mid and long firing distances. Furthermore, you have to face plenty of various turrets, and the final boss requires not only considerable combat efficacy, but also a skilled medic and some well-oiled team work. We recommend you go into the mission with a team of three classes: riflemen, medics, and snipers.

For the weapons of choice, consider models with lots of ammo — it'll last for longer, and you'll need to rely less on your mates. As for the equipment, the latest sets would be a good fit — "Graphite", "Rock Solid", and "Snowstorm". When picking gear, consider the following: damage absorption in PvE, HP and AP restoration, increased protection for the body and extremities.

The mission is already live in the game, so if you haven't played it yet, it's high time to spring into action!

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