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Top offers of the week [March 10th]

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Want to know about the special offers we have prepared for you for the coming week? Then keep a sharp eye on the updates in this article! During the week, this publication will contain information about new launches and their conditions. For your convenience, use the navigation below. Simply click on the offer from the list to get to the details.

  • 09:00 UTC (10:00 CET) 10.03 — until the counter runs out: One Million Kredits.
  • 09:00 UTC (10:00 CET) 08.03 — 22:59 UTC (23:59 CET) 09.03: Lucky Run.

One Million Kredits

Are you often thinking about expanding your arsenal? If so, you have a chance to earn additional Kredits and acquire new weapons! Just buy Kredits during the offer period — and get a 30% bonus! The offer is already live and will be available until the special counter runs out of Kredits.

Top Up Offer Conditions

Activate the touch of Midas!

Lucky Run

Get Ready! Set! "Lucky Run"! Participate in the new offer to get cool prizes. Some of them you can get absolutely for free, and you'll be able to receive especially valuable positions after purchasing a special bundle. This way you can add useful items to your arsenal and increase the amount of Kredits on your account! The offer is already live and will be active till 22:59 UTC (23:59 CET) on the 9th of March.

Offer Page Offer Conditions

What Can I Get?

The first two stages are free and available to all players. Just go to the offer page and gradually collect your rewards.

The next stage contains an offer — a bundle with Kredits and game items. If you complete this step, i.e., purchase the bundle, two more stages will become available to you. One of those stages is free, you will be able to collect the rewards while the offer is active. The last stage is a special offer with a set of Kredits and items that you can purchase at a reduced price. Please note: the fourth and fifth stages become available only after the third stage is completed.
All the rewards received in the offer are automatically sent to the "Inventory" section of the website. You can take advantage of the special offers while the "Lucky Run" offer is active.

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