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Warface RU PTS Overview — New season and legendary agent!

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A new build has been installed on the RU PTS. It features the upcoming new season, lot's of novelties and a sneak peek at a legendary agent that you may already know! Check out the overview and share your thoughts about the upcoming content in the comments!

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Compensation for Technical Issues
To make up for the technical issues in the game on March 4th, we're giving all players a VIP Booster for 2 days. Claim it before March 23rd.
10 Mar 2023 general
Soon: New PvE Mission "Rift: Revelation"
Previously, a secret squad was sent on a mission called "Rift: Infiltration". What happened next? Watch the "Rift: Revelation" mission teaser and share your impressions!
10 Mar 2023 dev_news

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