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[UPD] Compensation for Technical Issues

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Dear players!

On March 28, we installed the seasonal update "Legends". After that, together with you, we encountered technical difficulties when starting the game. Throughout the day, the project team was looking for a solution. We tried different options and, by the evening, we managed to stabilize the situation.

Now there are no problems when entering the game. You can update the client and continue exploring Warface. We understand that you had to deal with the inconvenience and a negative impression from the start of the season.

UPD: The compensation has been delivered

The bonus will be granted to all players who tried to log into the game (even if they failed due to the issues) starting from 00:00 UTC (02:00 CEST) on March 27 until 23:59 UTC on March 29 (01:59 CEST on March 30).

The bonus includes:

  • Mega VIP Booster (3 d.);
  • Mastery Booster (3 d.);
  • Resurrection Coin (10 pcs.).

The items will be delivered to your Inventory on the "Services" page. After that, you will be able to transfer them to the game. We will inform you about the start and end dates of the compensation delivery.

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