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Soon: Warface Day Content and More

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Soon, new features will be added to the game as part of the seasonal update "Legends". They include a festive in-game event "Challenge" to mark Warface Day, new PvP and PvE game modes and maps, updates to the shop and the showcase, and other nifty future deliveries!

Warface Day: New Content

In-Game Event

Mechanics of "Challenge"

We'd like to present to you a festive in-game activity with lots of rewards you can get for participating. Before rushing into battle, you'll have to choose which side to fight on — Warface or Blackwood. Choose wisely as it'll affect the rewards you get in the end. After making the decision, try and earn as many points for the chosen team and do your best, together, to get the unique rewards!

All the event participants that choose a side will receive a melee weapon as a reward. Which one and in what colour scheme depends on the final event winner. So, if Warface achieves victory in the event, everyone will get weapons with its symbols, even if you chose to fight for Blackwood.

The members of the winning team will also get a unique victory achievement.

For a particular contribution to the faction's progress, the player can get additional achievements.

Modes and Maps

You can start earning currency and push your faction forward in the competition in the PvE and PvP modes.

The PvP battles will take place in the Team Gungame Mode. You'll receive currency and faction progress points for any amount of matches.

PvE players will be able to earn currency and progress points by playing the "Earth Shaker", "Operation Blackwood", "Heist", and "Hydra" SpecOps. Only the first successful mission completion of the day will earn you the event currency (for the "Earth Shaker" you can get up to 3 rewards for daily victories on Easy, Normal, and Hard), while the faction progress points are gained for all matches.

For even better currency and faction progress gains, we've added a special contract. Its stages are opened daily. By completing the contract, you can boost your faction progress as well.

What's new in the game Team Gungame mode?

  • The mode now includes the "Hangar", "Gas Station", and "Destination" maps.
    • The "Destination" map has got visual changes to fit the Warface Day stylistic. You'll see festive decorations such as screens with screenshots of important game moments, balloons, and a ton of Easter eggs that the oldies of Warface will surely appreciate.
  • Eliminating an enemy with the last weapon of the chain will yield 10 points instead of 1, which will help the most skilled players to bring their team closer to victory.
  • Now users will see the next weapon in the chain. It'll help come up with tactics and plan your movements ahead.

Store and Showcase

A further novelty of this season is an updated showcase that now features a reward progress bar.

How does it work?

  • Use a special button to refresh the items in the showcase. The button is activated with the event currency.
  • Each refresh activation adds to the progress bar.
  • When 100% is reached, you'll get an exclusive offer to get one of four valuable items for free.
  • After making your choice, the other items become no longer available, the progress bar resets, and you can fill it up again and reach a new offer.
  • The amount of offers in unlimited.
  • The items for special offers are chosen randomly and may repeat.

What are the event rewards?

In the shop, you'll find a new device called "Adrenaline" and two faction charms. More about the device below.

In the showcase, under the first card, you'll always get items that you can take for free. Among such items are crafting cards for the new "Crater" series and parts. Under the other cards you'll find content from the previous updates. The price reduction varies and can reach 40%, all items can be purchased for the event currency.

Festive Content

There are festive novelties: "Flaming" helmet and gloves (with unique animations), an achievement set, and a weapon charm.

We will tell you more about the ways of obtaining these items in later publications.

Updated Lobby

We'll update the lobby to match the occasion — with the balloons, colourful lights, celebratory screens, and gift boxes you can really feel the holiday spirit!

Other Novelties

Weapons and Gear


A new device for the Rifleman called "Adrenaline" will be added to the game. By using it, the character immediately restores some HP and continues healing themselves for the next 2 seconds.

With mods, you can extend its effect duration and get additional bonuses:

  • Increased accuracy, reload and weapon switching speeds, but slower character movement;
  • Increased movement speed and stamina, but less protection against incoming damage;
  • Increased protection against incoming damage, but no HP regeneration (with most equipment);
  • +1 "Adrenaline" syringe.

Experiment and choose the bonuses that suit your play style most!


The HK433 is a German modular assault rifle fit for 5.56x45 bullets. It has a number of characteristics similar to the G36 and the HK416. This rifle was first introduced in 2017 and is branded as a universal, highly reliable weapon.

The HK433 offers a good combination of specs: high base and minimal damage, high fire rate and accuracy, as well as increased damage multipliers to the head and the extremities. The rifle has a number of unique attachments, including a hybrid sight.

You can install mods on it, unique ones included. The first one increases reload speed by swapping the magazine to a smaller one, and you can unlock it on the second mastery level. The second mod changes the firing mode to bursts-of-3 and boosts damage, whereas the fire rate gets reduced, and the recoil – increased.

The golden version offers better fire rate and a more spacious magazine.

New Box Type

We've added a new box with a guaranteed drop chance. If a regular weapon version is dropped form this new box type, you'll also get a permanent camo for it.

The contents of these experimental boxes include temporary and permanent versions of the Benelli M2 SP and the Taurus CT9 G2. The shotgun is a guaranteed drop for the 250th opening, and the machine gun — for the 500th. Together with the base models of these guns, you'll get "Myth" skins for them.

Stay tuned and we'll see you in Warface!

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