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  • The first part of the seasonal update is installed on the main servers. Meet the "Hidden War" with guns blazing, get together friends and explore the new content!

    05 Aug 2021
    Patch Notes
  • In the new patch, we have improved the specs of the new weapons CheyTac M200 Special and AUG A3 9mm XS Custom, as well as fixied some minor errors. Moreover, you can now play PvE missions and Special Operations solo. Read on to learn the details.

    28 Jun 2021
    Patch Notes
  • We have fixed some of the causes for freezes as well as the "Report Abuser" button, and are gradually introducing new content: weapons skins and more. 

    16 Jun 2021
    Patch Notes
  • The hotfix for the May update brings improved specs for the "Infernal" weapons, the Famas F1 Special "Highwayman" and the Mag-7 Special "Highwayman" as well as bug fixes. Read on to learn more!

    02 Jun 2021
    Patch Notes
  • The second part of the May update features a brand new shotgun Fabarm STF 12 Short Classic, a pair of sharp knifes as well as festive content to mark the anniversary of MY.GAMES and other novelties.

    28 May 2021
    Patch Notes
  • In the new version, we have improved the lighting and readability on the "Heist" map ("Blitz"), and also fixed some bugs which you might have encountered earlier.

    07 Apr 2021
    Patch Notes
  • We are glad to present you the seasonal update "Heist". Immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of a dynamic action movie with themed content!

    24 Mar 2021
    Patch Notes
  • The new powerful shotgun Hunt Group MH12, a reworked PvE interface, multiple game improvements, as well as other changes and bug fixes are already waiting for you in the game. Hurry up to check them out!

    04 Mar 2021
    Patch Notes
  • An important hotfix for the January update has been installed on the game servers. It features new weekly "Swarm" Battle Pass tasks and the weekly map rotation.

    04 Feb 2021
    Patch Notes
  • The January update has been installed on the Warface servers. It brings fixes to the abuse of the "crouch/stand up" and "prone/stand up" mechanics, expanded "Great Gatsby" weapon series, fixes to some bugs and much more.

    27 Jan 2021
    Patch Notes