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  • A hotfix for the September update has been installed on the Warface servers. It contains some bug fixes. Read on to learn more about the changes in the game!

    30 Sep 2020
    Patch Notes
  • You are in for an in-game Battle Pass, Pirates' Day themed content, weapon charms, a reworked "District" map, heaps of new weapons and more!

    23 Sep 2020
    Patch Notes
  • Welcome the machine gun H&K 121, new Ranked Matches skins, tweaks to weapons and gear, and much more!

    20 Aug 2020
    Patch Notes
  • A hotfix to a number of July update errors has been installed on Warface servers. 

    29 Jul 2020
    Patch Notes
  • You are in for the "Dark Samurai" Battle Pass, new guns, a system for player identification in a stack, and much more!

    21 Jul 2020
    Patch Notes
  • Technical changes to the current version of the game as well as fixes for a number of bugs

    01 Jul 2020
    Patch Notes
  • The dramatic turn in the history of Warface unfolds: dive into a massive update and an unparalleled Special Operation!

    22 Jun 2020
    Patch Notes
  • Improved tickrate, no SED in Ranked, in-game crafting, new weapons and skins, and much more!

    07 May 2020
    Patch Notes
  • Reworked damage indicator and remastered "Blackgold" map, SED weapons and gear, April Fool's Day content and much more! Time to try out the novelties!

    30 Mar 2020
    Patch Notes
  • A lot of new guns, loads of bug fixes and many other things are already there in the February Update!

    13 Feb 2020
    Patch Notes