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  • Improved tickrate, no SED in Ranked, in-game crafting, new weapons and skins, and much more!

    07 May 2020
    Patch Notes
  • Reworked damage indicator and remastered "Blackgold" map, SED weapons and gear, April Fool's Day content and much more! Time to try out the novelties!

    30 Mar 2020
    Patch Notes
  • A lot of new guns, loads of bug fixes and many other things are already there in the February Update!

    13 Feb 2020
    Patch Notes
  • Operation "Hydra", "Rime" series, Typhoon Custom, Blackwood skins and much more!

    24 Dec 2019
    Patch Notes
  • The next Battle Pass contents – the series "Obsidian ", "Morion" and "Onyx", golden versions of popular guns, reworked safe house and much more.

    09 Dec 2019
    Patch Notes
  • After a thorough testing and fixing of key errors, the new movement and synchronization system has been officially launched on the main Warface servers.

    13 Nov 2019
    Patch Notes
  • "Poltergeist" series, "Red Sand" map, Halloween celebration and much more!

    30 Oct 2019
    Patch Notes
  • A new class, SED, SV-98 sniper rifle, tweaks of guns and equipment, as well as other changes.

    10 Oct 2019
    Patch Notes
  • A patch containing certain bug fixes and slight game client modifications has been installed

    17 Sep 2019
    Patch Notes
  • Learn more about the new assault rifle F90 MBR, Gerber Tomahawk, new items of the "Spectre" gear series and much more!

    03 Sep 2019
    Patch Notes