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Blackwood: Mission System

Daily quests

In our new Battle Pass players will encounter the old system with weekly refreshing quest lists. There will be 10 quests lists, and every list will contain 10 quests of different difficulty. The total amount of quests is 100. Every week you will see 10 more quests. And you will have heaps of time for its completion. If you already used to play actively, most of them will be completed by themselves. Time for completion is only restricted with the global event duration.

For every mission completion you will get 50 points of personal experience and one personal class crate as a reward. After completing a definite amount of quests you can get additional “Battle points” and some parts of Blackwood equipment for the selected class.

After completion any 85 weekly quests of 100 (you have more that enough time for it!), you can get guaranteed reward — whole set of new cool equipment for you class. Most of the quests will complete by themselves, if you play actively and regulary.

The same as before, you can use Battle poins for instant completion of missions. In case you use Battle points, you will get personal crate, experience points and +1 to the amount of completed quests, just as if you have completed it in a usual way. PvP missions must be completed in “Quick play” or Ranked matches, PvE — in battles which difficulty is higher than “Training”. Difficulty for SpecOps quests will be mentioned additionaly.

"Daily mission"

Daily quests have been changed in many different ways. Due to new skills system you will have an opportunity to upgarde your skills in one of three different specializations: Tech, Marauder and Warrior. The last one is pretty good in completing “daily quests” and will help you to get additional rewards.

You will find more info concerning skills and specializations in a special article, and now we will tell you more about the rewards you can get.

Every day you can get personal experience for completing quests, which is vitally important for getting nice rewards for reaching new levels. But using “Warriors” and upgrading his skills can bring you more rewadrs on the list, additional personal crates, energy points and keys for the crates. The better you have upgraded your “Warrior” — the more rewards you can get!

Other requirements are the same: quests which are already completed will refresh on 22:00 CET, you can’t change it or complete with Battle Points.

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