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Blackwood : Personal Progress

Rewards for levelling

As you know, personal progress level is one of the key mechanics in every game event, and Blackwood is not an exception. Playing and completing missions will bring you personal progress points. For reaching first 20 levels you can get various rewards such as: personal class crates, boosters, temporary weapons, grenades and rare camo “Onyx” M48 Bowie Knife.

Later on, for every level after the 21st you will get additional personal crate. Amount of levels is unlimited.

After reaching level 100 you will a full set of Blackwood skins for four classes, while the 150th level will provide the main reward - "Onyx" weapon for the chosen class. The amount of experience for reaching each new level is 150 EXP.

Personal crates

The same as during the "Berserk" global event, personal crate is an item of high value — you can find a guaranteed prize inside! Even if fortune doesn’t like you today, you will definitely get valuable permanent prize from each 50th crate. Crates are personal and only contain rewards for the class you’ve chosen at the start of the event.

"Obsidian" HArms CQR 


M16A3 Custom

АК-12 "Morion" camo

HArms CQR "Morion" camo

Stoner LMG A1 "Morion" camo

"Onyx" AK Alpha

"Onyx" AK-12


"Obsidian" Winchester 1887 


Typhoon F12 "Morion" camo

Tavor TS12 Custom "Morion" camo

Tavor TS12 Custom "Onyx" camo

Marlin 1894 Custom "Onyx" camo

"Obsidian" LWRC SMG-45 


CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1

SIG MPX SBR Custom "Morion" camo

Thompson M1928 "Morion" camo

Micro-Roni "Onyx" camo

LWRC SMG-45 "Onyx" camo

Steyr Scout

McMillan CS5

"Obsidian" Bushmaster BA50

СВ-98 "Morion" camo

Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm "Morion" camo

СВ-98 "Onyx" camo

CDX-MC Kraken "Onyx" camo

After getting such a rewards you will see a “tick” nearby, which means you have already got this item. These rewards can’t be repeated till you get all of them. After that the tick will not disappear, but you will have an opportunity to get rewards one more time.

The guaranteed rewards from class crates also include the guns of the "Morion" series: Stoner LMG A1, Tavor TS12, SIG MPX SBR Custom and Truvelo CMS.



Rewards, which are not on the “guaranteed prizes” list, can repeat.

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