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Blackwood: Class Selection and Skills

Class Selection

Any participant will have to choose the class to participate in the event with. The choice allows you to receive only the necessary rewards, and you can get equipment and weapons for other classes in the crafting section.

Accordingly, if you choose a Rifleman, then all the prizes that you will receive for completing tasks (and other activities) would be usable only by the Rifleman, including a set of equipment. Be careful!

The CHoice of class affects both the trial and the full access. it can not be changed. 

What prizes does the class affect?

  • Rewards for the number of completed weekly tasks (equipment set).
  • Rewards in personal crates.
  • Rewards in personal progress, including "combined" weapons for achieving level 150 of personal progress.
What does the class not affect?
  • A set of daily and weekly assignments: they are the same for everyone.
  • The choice of specializations and skills (see below), they are independent from the class system.
  • The crafting section and items created there.

Skills and special talents

In the event, the player receives new opportunities: character specialization. With their help, you can choose in which areas the receiving of rewards will become more successful.

The player will have a choice of three specializations, each of which has its own specific set of skills that give bonuses to a particular action. Within each specialization, there are 4 skills that give a certain bonus. Progress on skills is achieved by investing in the branch of specialization of special points.

How to get skill points?

  • For achieving certain levels of personal progress.
  • For completing a certain number of daily and weekly tasks.
  • For successfully completed operations.
It is possible to put skill points in one specialization or all at the same time

The distribution depends only on your desire and the number of skill points. Skills in branches open sequentially.

  • "Lucky Dip": receiving a personal crate as an additional reward.
  • "Second Breath": gaining energy for the "Operations" section as an extra reward.
  • "Master Burglar": get a random key for the "Crates" section as an extra reward.
  • "Fortune Lover": receiving another personal crate as an additional reward.
  • "Kingsman": gaining access to the creation of a random temporary item.
  • "Quartermaster": gaining access to create a random permanent item.
  • "The Economist": reduces the cost of resources required to create an item.
  • "Smooth Operator": the ability to select an item to create.
  • "Survivor": access to simple tasks (operations).
  • "Cream of the Crop": access to complex tasks (operations).
  • "Forager": Improving rewards for simple and complex operations (additional items in the reward lists). At the same time, energy consumption for operations is growing.
  • "Godspeed": reducing the amount of energy required to start operations.
the choice of skills can be changed at any time with battle points

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