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Winter Operation: F.A.Q.


On this page you will find answers to the most frequent questions about the Winter Operation. We will gradually add more information as the dedicated articles get published. Besides, here you can find info related to the previous global operations that are still relevant.


Q: Is access to the operation free?

A: Yes, it is completely free.   

Q: Will combat squads that were last employed in the Battle Pass "Absolute Power" be back?

A: As we have already pointed out, it is possible that they will return as part of a separate game event. However, it is unlikely that any future Battle Pass will feature them.

Q: Will the operation be integrated into the game client?

A: No, it will not be integrated into the game client.

Q: Will participation in the operation unlock me access to the Marketplace if I did not have it before?

A: No, access to the Marketplace is granted only for purchasing premium access to the Battle Pass. The current operation is different from the previous ones and is not associated with the Marketplace.


Q: How will tasks be updated?

A: There are several sets of 12 tasks that during several days will cyclically replace each other daily at 00:00 UTC/01:00 CET. The "Challenge of the Day" also changes once a day, and each player receives a random mission.

Q: Is it mandatory to complete all tasks?

A: No, it is not. It is up to you to choose which missions you want to complete and which ones to skip.

Q: Will tasks be difficult?

A: There are two types of tasks: more general simpler ones and the "Challenge of the Day". Most missions are designed for PvP as it is more popular with players, but there are tasks that should be completed in PvE and Special Operations.

Q: When are tasks updated?

A: They are updated daily at 00:00 UTC/01:00 CET.

Q: What will happen if I do not manage to complete a daily task before the end of the day?

A: If you do not manage to complete the task before the end of the day, you will be able to do it another day.

Q: What is the Challenge of the Day?

A: It is a more complicated task. Only one mission of this kind at a time can be active. Once a day (at 00:00 UTC / 01:00 CET), every player receives a random challenge.

Q: If I am unable to complete the Challenge of the Day, can I choose another task?

A: It is impossible to skip the mission and replace it with a new one. The task will be updated the next day.

Q: When does the progress for the “Challenge of the Day” start to count?

A: Every day, the player receives one Challenge of the Day. The progress begins to count immediately after the player visits the task page for the first time that day.

Q: Does the completion of the Solo mission count towards the progress of the operation tasks?

A: No, it does not.

For any task of the current day to count, the mission in the game where you fulfill the task condition must begin after 00:00 UTC/01:00 CET of the current day. The Challenge of the Day should be activated before the start of the mission.


Q: How can I gain currencies?

A: There are two types of currency - the basic one and the rare one, for which you can buy various crates with rewards. Both of them can be obtained by doing the "Challenge of the Day" and taking part in matches, but the quantity will differ. For battles, you can get at least 10 points of the basic currency, while the amount of the rare currency is fixed - 1 point per match.

Mode Base  currency gain
PvE "Training" missions No
PvE missions on "Easy" and on higher difficulty levels No
Any Special Operations Only if you win
PvP private (custom) rooms No
Ranked Matches Yes if: time in the match is greater than or equal to 3 minutes, at least 2 kills made.
PvP in "Quick Play" in "Storm", "Team Deathmatch", "Destruction" and "Domination" Yes, if you kill at least 5 enemies or more.
PvP in "Quick Play" in "Plant the Bomb", "Capture" and "Blitz" Yes if: time in the match is greater than or equal to 3 minutes, at least 2 kills made.
"Free for All", "Bag and Tag" Yes, if you kill at least 10 enemies or more.

Q: Can I get currency by completing daily tasks?

A: No, by completing such tasks you will receive cards for weapon crafting.

Q: Can the basic currency be purchased?

A: The basic currency cannot be purchased. The premium currency can be purchased like Battle Points in the previous Battle Passes.

Q: Are there restrictions on the reward gain?

A: You can earn no more than 6 rewards per hour, regardless of the mode or the battle outcome, but no more than 4 rewards per hour for defeats in Ranked Matches. 

Q: Where can I find rewards?

A: Rewards are located in crates that can be found in a special section of the game store. They are purchased for the operation currency (it is up to players to decide which currency to spend). Upon receiving an item, it will be transferred to the Inventory.

Q: How do I get "Glacier" weapons?

A: The weapons from the new series will also be available in crates. However, the guns and cards of this series are not yet available in the game. You will be able to transfer them after the Christmas update is installed on the Warface servers. Until then, the arms will be safe in your Inventory. All other items can be transferred into the game immediately.

Q: What types of crates are there?


Type Contents Do items repeat? Ways to get
Winter Crate #1 Permanent "Icebreaker" and "Winter Camo" weapons and lots of temporary models. Yes Purchased with the Operation currencies
Winter Crate #2 Festive permanent items, including the series "Icebreaker" and lots of temporary models. No (in the 1st circle)
Winter Crate #3 Temporary and permanent "Glacier" weapons, and lots of other temporary models. Yes
Winter Crate #4 Permanent "Winter Camo" and "Evil Santa" weapons, Arctic Squad skins, and lots of temporary items. No (in the 1st circle) Granted for 5 wins in "Quick Play" or Ranked Matches (no more than one crate at a time)

No repeating items in the 1st circle means that until you get all possible rewards at least once, they will not repeat.

Q: Will there be free crates?

A: Yes, for every 5 wins in team PvP Quick Play or Ranked Matches the player gets one free weapon crate. There can be only one crate of this type on the account: you must open it in order to be able to earn another one. 

Please note that to get the crate you do not only have to win the match but to fulfil all the conditions indicated in the table below:

Mode Conditions
Custom PvP Rooms Not granted
Ranked Matches If you kill at least 1 enemy
PvP in "Quick Play" in "Storm", "Team Deathmatch", "Destruction" and "Domination" If you kill at least 5 enemies
PvP in "Quick Play" in "Plant the Bomb", "Capture" and "Blitz" If you kill at least 1 enemy
PvP in "Quick Play" in "Free for All", "Bag and Tag" and "Battle Royale" Not granted

Q: Will I be able to sell rewards on the Marketplace?

A: No, you won't.

Have a nice game!