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F.A.Q.: Battle Pass

About the Battle Pass

Battle Pass is an in-game activity consisting of levels, tasks and rewards for their completion. The event is part of the game client - it has an interface with sections available on the Battle Pass tab on the top navigation bar. Progress is registered, and rewards are granted instantly - all received items go to the in-game Inventory.

Battle Pass "Snowstorm" Rewards

Access and Key Functions

Q: Can I take part in the Battle Pass for free?
A: Yes, the free version is available to all players upon entering the game. It is limited - purchases of weapons from the seasonal shop for Kredits and special contracts are not available, and you can only get some rewards for progress levels. The restrictions are lifted when purchasing premium access. Since participants of the Battle Pass accumulate and save progress at any stage, all locked rewards for levels already reached will be granted immediately after purchasing the full version.

Q: How can I get premium access, and what are its advantages?
A: It is available to all players for Kredits. Usually, the cost is fixed, but it can change for future Battle Passes. To get premium access, click on the "Buy Premium" button on the event tab and confirm your purchase. After receiving premium access, all accumulated locked rewards will become available (if your Battle Pass level is higher than 1). Upon reaching level 30, you will unlock special contracts, and upon reaching level 50 - the opportunity to make purchases with Kredits in the seasonal shop.

Q: Do I need to buy premium access for each character, or is it the same?
A: At the moment, access is purchased for each character separately. This mechanics may change in the future.

Q: How can I know what rewards I will get upon purchasing premium access?
A: To see the list of rewards for purchasing the extended version, you need to go to the "Battle Pass" tab, select the "Progress" section and check out the unlocked rewards - the line-up depends on your current level.

Q: Will access to the Battle Pass be available for other currencies?
A: No, we do not plan to distribute the Battle Pass for other currencies.

Q: Can I purchase Battle Pass points or levels?
A: Points can only be obtained by doing daily tasks or playing matches in any mode. You can buy any number of levels if you have premium access.

Q: How long will the Battle Pass last?
A: You can learn about the end of the season in the game under the "Battle Pass" tab. The information line is located in the "Progress" section. In the upper corner, there is a countdown until the end of the event.

Q: Where can I find the access type comparison?
A: Feel free to check out the table below.

  Free Access Premium Access
Progress for all matches + +
Access to the seasonal shop + +
Access to daily tasks + +
Access to prestige levels + +
Access to contracts - +
Skipping tasks for Kredits + +
Purchases with coins at the seasonal shop + +
Purchases of levels - +
Purchases with Kredits at the seasonal shop - Only when you reach level 50
Rewards for the overall progression Only items marked as "Free" All rewards

Mission System

Q: What tasks are there in the Battle Pass?
A: There are two types of them - daily tasks and special contracts. Rewards depend on the BP settings but almost always include experience points for levelling up.

  1. Daily tasks are added daily (one at a time) and do not repeat until the player has accumulated three active tasks. When all three slots are occupied, new tasks do not appear. The player needs to complete active missions and free up the slot to receive a new quest the next day. Each mission grants 300 Battle Pass progress points.
  2. Special contracts are task chains that do not change throughout the Battle Pass and become available at level 30 of the operation in the premium version. You can see contracts in a special section on the "Contracts" tab. Each of them contains a certain number of tasks (usually 10), which are unlocked one after another upon meeting the conditions of the corresponding stage. For each completed stage, you can get 300 Battle Pass progress points and by finishing a contract - a powerful permanent weapon.

Q: Can I skip tasks?
A: Yes, if you want to level up in the Battle Pass faster, it is a great opportunity to speed up the progress.

Q: What if I do not have time to complete contracts before the Battle Pass ends?
A: If you do not manage to finish the contract before its completion, the progress will no longer count, and the contract itself will expire and become unavailable.

Q: How can I track the task completion progress?
A: The task's progress can be tracked via the indicator on the task card or contract.

Q: Are daily tasks the same for all players?
A: No, they are random. They do not coincide with the previous day's tasks and do not repeat.

Q: Where can I see the complete list of possible daily tasks?
A: Feel free to check out the table below.

Task Condition Reward
Eliminate 1000 enemies. Bonus in PvP: x5
300 Battle Pass Points
The Killer Rabbit Eliminate 200 enemies while sliding or jumping. Bonus in PvP: x5 

Eliminate two enemies in a row in PvP or three enemies in a row with headshots in PvE 10 times.


Eliminate three enemies in a row in PvP or seven enemies in a row in PvE twice.

Good Shot! Eliminate 500 enemies with headshots. Bonus in PvP: x5 
A Test For Pros 5 times eliminate two enemies in a row in PvP or three enemies in a row in PvE with melee weapons.

Eliminate 50 enemies with explosives. Bonus in PvP: x5

Hand-to-hand Eliminate 50 enemies with melee weapons. Bonus in PvP: x5
First Aid Restore 3000 armor or health points to allies in any game mode. 

Q: How much does it cost to skip a daily task?
A: 45 Kredits.

Q: Do I need to finish all contracts?
A: No, you can select the ones you are interested in and gradually end their stages while the Battle Pass is active.

Rewards and Personal Progress

Q: Does the task progress count if I get vote-kicked?
A: Yes, the progress will count once the match is over.

Q: Will I get the reward if the Battle Pass finishes while in the match?
A: No, you will not receive the reward if the Battle Pass finishes while in the match.

Q: Where can I find the reward for task completion?
A: After completing a task, you will receive a notification that you have got a reward. It immediately goes to the in-game Inventory.

Q: Is there personal progress in the Battle Pass?
A: Personal progress takes the form of a level system. Each new level is a reward in your Inventory. Progress is displayed on a special scale on the event screen ("Progress" tab). The scale includes two types of rewards - free and premium. The former are available to everyone, while the latter are only available to premium access holders.

Q: How many levels does the Battle Pass have?
A: The main progression consists of 50 levels. After that, 20 more prestige levels become available.

Q: How can I reach a new level?
A: To reach a new level, you must earn a certain number of Battle Pass points. You can accumulate them in two ways - by completing matches and doing daily tasks or contracts. In addition, premium access holders can purchase levels.

Q: How many points do I need to unlock each level?
A: You can find detailed information in the table below:

Level Points to unlock
1 0
2 50
3 95
4 135
5 175
6 215
7 255
8 295
9 335
10 370
11 405
12 440
13 475
14 510
15 545
16 580
17 615
18 650
19 685
20 720
21 755
22 790
23 825
24 860
25 895
26 930
27 965
28 1000
29 1030
30 1060
31 1090
32 1120
33 1150
34 1180
35 1210
36 1240
37 1270
38 1300
39 1330
40 1360
41 1390
42 1420
43 1450
44 1480
45 1510
46 1540
47 1570
48 1600
49 1630
50 1660
Prestige levels 900

Q: I have unlocked several levels and want to buy premium access. What rewards will I get?
A: If you have earned a certain number of levels with free access but then decided to expand it to premium, you will receive the corresponding rewards for all levels received.

Q: I want to buy weapons in the seasonal shop. How can I do this?
A: There are two ways. The first is to purchase weapons using Battle Pass coins, and the second is to do that with Kredits. In the first case, the purchase can be made while the BP is active; in the second case - only after reaching level 50 and having premium access.

Q: Are there only permanent weapons in the seasonal shop?
A: No, there are temporary items as well. The duration of the item will depend on the purchase stage: at the first stage, you can get a weapon for three days, at the second - for five days, at the third - for seven days, at the fourth - for nine days and at the fifth stage - a permanent arm. The cost of the stages is 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 coins, respectively. All stages are opened sequentially and cannot be skipped.

Q: In what modes and rooms can I earn Battle Pass points?
A: In PvP, you can gain them only in "Quick Play" and Ranked Matches; in PvE and Special Operations, you can do that in all rooms, including custom ones.

Q: Do all modes yield the same amount of experience?
A: No, they don't. Firstly, the amount depends on the mode (PvP, Ranked Matches or PvE and Special Operations), and secondly, on its subtype. Learn more details below.


To receive the basic reward, you need to spend at least 2 minutes in the match and perform at least one kill. Check out the table below for further distribution of points in "Quick Play" and Ranked Matches.

Enemies Killed Time in match, min. Victory, BP points Defeat and draw, BP points
1 or more 2 24 10
9 28 14
10 30 17
11 32 19
12 36 22
16 40 30
18 45 35
20 50 40
25 60 50
30 70 60
40 90 85
50 and more 110 105

How should you read the table? Let's consider two examples.

  1. You played a 37-minute Ranked Match that ended with a win and made 0 kills. In this case, you will not receive Battle Pass points for this session since you did not fulfil the condition and did not perform at least one kill.
  2. You played a 43-minute Ranked Match and made 13 kills. The match ended with a defeat for you. You will receive 85 Battle Pass points while your opponent, who wins the match with a score of 10/2, will get 90 BP points.

It is worth noting that in "Free for All", points are calculated differently. In this case, your performance (the number of kills made per match) is considered. If the condition indicating the required number of kills is not met, the BP points will be calculated according to the table above and will depend on the time in the match.

Enemies Killed Battle Pass Points
10 25
15 30
20 and more 40

How should I read this table? It's simple. For example, if you make 13 kills in a match, your reward will be 25 Battle Pass points. If the number of kills is more than 20 (for example, 34), the reward will be 40 points.

Thus, in solo modes, the number of points received will depend on your performance, while in team-based modes - on time you spend in the match and its outcome.


For PvE missions, there is a requirement to spend at least 2 minutes in a match. In addition, the mission must end with a victory. Otherwise, the points will not be granted. The reward for mission completion changes depending on its difficulty.

Difficulty Time in match, min. Battle Pass Points
Easy 2 15
Easy 10 20
Easy 16 and more 25
Normal 2 20
Normal 10 25
Normal 18 and more 30
Hard 2 30
Hard 11 35
Hard 25 and more 40

For example: if you spend 3 minutes in a PvE mission of the Hard difficulty (you joined it shortly before the last checkpoint), your reward will be 30 points, and if you played from the very beginning and completed the Hard mission in 13 minutes, you will receive 35 Battle Pass points.

Special Operations

Operation Blackwood

The amount of experience will depend on the time spent in the mission. Prerequisite: correctly completed session ended with a victory.

Time in match, min. Battle Pass Points
2 25
12 35
16 45
18 53
20 60
25 75
30 and more 90
And if I'd like to spend more time in the mission...
We know that the average time it takes for players to complete this special operation is about 12-15 minutes. We also think that some Battle Pass participants will want to gain more XP due to the low difficulty of the Special Operation and its duration and will deliberately stay in the mission longer. We'd like to warn you that this is not profitable since, over time, the amount of experience per minute decreases, meaning that the increase in points during the mission will slow down. Thus, a few quick completions will earn you more BP points than longer sessions.

Other Special Operations

The points gain in the other special operations will be calculated according to the old principle - a fixed number of points for full completion. The total number of points will depend on the type of the special operation and its difficulty. This is due to the fact that the time for finishing special operations is more predictable and is more or less the same for every completion. Therefore, there is no need for more a precise configuration of specific time stages. However, in the future, if the need arises, the approach to special operations may be revised.

Special Operation Battle Pass Points
Mars and Black Shark (Easy) 100
Mars and Black Shark (Normal) 150
Mars and Black Shark (Hard) 250
Heist 120
Hydra (partial completion) from 20 to 120 depending on the number of completed stages
Hydra (full completion) 200
Swarm (partial completion) from 5 to 40 depending on the number of completed stages
Swarm (full completion) 200
Other Special Operations on Easy 80
Other Special Operations on Normal 120
Other Special Operations on Hard 200
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