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200% Top Up Bonus: Offer Conditions

200% Top Up Bonus is an offer in which you can get a one-time big bonus when topping up under some specific conditions.

Offer Page

How to participate?

  • Log into your desired account.
  • Wait for the offer to start and for the information about in to appear in the "News" section of the website.
  • Go to the top-up page.
  • If the offer has started and your account meets its conditions, you will see a promotional offer near the top-up amount.
  • Top up your account while the offer is active. The bonus will be credited to your game account.

More about the offer conditions

  • If your account meets the offers' conditions, but you have 100 or more Kredits on your account, you will not be able to get a bonus.
  • You can get the bonus only if you top up on the special page and only for a fixed amount, participating in the promotion. You can find more information in the "News" section or the official website's top-up page.
  • During the offer, you can get the gift for only one set of Kredits because, after its purchase, your account no longer meets the offer's conditions.
  • Purchase of special sets on the top-up page is counting as a top-up.
  • Bonus Kredits can be used on the Marketplace or in-game. You can also spend them to change your character's or a clan's name.
  • When paying for a gift to a friend, a bonus is added to the entire payment amount. Meanwhile, bonus Kredits are not counted towards the gift payment — those Kredits are immediately transferred to the game (at the moment of registration of the payment). If the amount of payment exceeds the value of the gift, the remaining non-gift credits will also transfer to the game.