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  • Na serwerach gry została zainstalowana szybka poprawka. Naprawiliśmy błąd, przez który nie można było wybrać prestiżowych nagród. Zaloguj się do gry przed końcem sezonu "Łowcy skarbów", aby otrzymać nagrodę!

    07 Sep 2023
    Opis patcha
  • W tej aktualizacji naprawiliśmy szereg błędów, poprawiliśmy niektóre parametry broni i przerobiliśmy system wywarzania.

    03 Aug 2023
    Opis patcha
  • In this hotfix we've made adjustments to some mods and fixed a number of bugs.

    25 Jul 2023
    Opis patcha
  • In this update: a summer event, a new device, a new PTB map, as well as some content improvements, and bug fixes.

    13 Jul 2023
    Opis patcha
  • We've fixed bugs related to announcement screen display, rotated maps in PvP and improved the hip fire accuracy of the Beretta PMX.

    29 Jun 2023
    Opis patcha
  • The new summer season is live now! New Battle Pass, Ranked and Prestige seasons, quality of life improvements, a thematic weapon series and much more are waiting for you!

    22 Jun 2023
    Opis patcha
  • A hotfix has been installed on the game servers. We've fixed several critical bugs of the previous game versions.

    01 Jun 2023
    Opis patcha
  • A hotfix has been installed on the game servers, it addresses a critical bug that caused the client to crash.

    24 May 2023
    Opis patcha
  • A new in-game event, a new weapon series, improvements of older models, and other tweaks and fixes are waiting for you in this update. Read on!

    17 May 2023
    Opis patcha
  • In this hotfix we've changed contracts for parts, tweaked the "Challenge" event, and fixed some critical bugs from the previous versions.

    20 Apr 2023
    Opis patcha