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  • The hotfix includes fixes to critical bugs related to the disappearance of weapons from the characters' hands and a strong muzzle flash when firing the IMBEL IA2 Assault.

    02 Mar 2023
    Opis patcha
  • In this update: a novelty for medics, Agent Buffalo set, changes to the frag grenade, and a bunch of bug fixes.

    21 Feb 2023
    Opis patcha
  • In this update, find new festive items dedicated to St. Valentine's Day, a thematic contract, change of the rank requirement to access "Professional Players" channels and a fix to the bug due to which it was impossible to exclude a player from a clan if they were offline.

    10 Feb 2023
    Opis patcha
  • In this update: "Supremacy" event, Throwing Tomahawk, Agent Mongoose set, updated player profile window, and other tweaks and fixes.

    25 Jan 2023
    Opis patcha
  • In this update, we've changed the Quick Play map rotation, allowed the Molotov Cocktail in Ranked Matches, and added content dedicated to Lunar New Year.

    20 Jan 2023
    Opis patcha
  • In this update, we've fixed critical bugs of the previous game versions and updated the map rotation.

    11 Jan 2023
    Opis patcha
  • In this update, we have fixed the issues of the previous versions and made some minor changes.

    28 Dec 2022
    Opis patcha
  • Nowa klasa, SED, karabin snajperski SV-98, poprawki broni i wyposa?enia, a tak?e inne zmiany.

    14 Oct 2019
    Opis patcha
  • Poprawione mecze rankingowe, nowy czat g?osowy, jaskrawy CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot za Korony i wi?cej nowo?ci!

    06 Sep 2018
    Opis patcha
  • Nowy nó? motylkowy, karabin automatyczny VHS-2, zmiany w systemie dyscyplinarnym i du?o innych nowo?ci!

    12 Jul 2018
    Opis patcha