Welcome to the exclusion zoneChernobyl

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This offer is available till the 31st of January 2018 upon registering on this page.
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Annihilate deadly foes

Many new foes stalk radioactive Pripyat. Here are some of them.


Now with an almost impenetrable energy shield.


Blackwood war machine with powerful equipment on board.


Used for sedrium collection.


Сyborg workers of the previous generation. Impotent in battle, thus used for manual labor.

Speсial Forces

A squad formed for the sole purpose of controlling cyborgs in Pripyat. Well protected and deadly.


A new dangerous enemy protected from all but melee attacks. Deals most damage from distance and devastates everything in the surrounding area.

Location diversity

The environment is ever-changing: cross the no-man’s lands of Pripyat,
survive the darkness of Blackwood labs and climb the giant tower to learn its dreadful secret.

Survive Pripyat

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