Authentic Chernobyl experience

Venture into the unknown and see if you can survive the dangers of Pripyat, while the evil stalks the streets of this ghost town. Legendary Chernobyl landmarks have been recreated based on their real counterparts as the developers visited the Exclusion Zone itself.

New enemy units

As you approach the infamous nuclear power plant, you will see that Pripyat has changed under Blackwood's influence. All minor dangers aside, you will encounter brand new technologically advanced units. Taking them out isn’t going to be easy!

Blackwood war machine with powerful equipment on board.
A new dangerous enemy protected from all but melee attacks. Deals most damage from distance and devastates everything in the surrounding area.
Now with an almost impenetrable energy shield.
A hovering drone. Its weak spots are covered by armored plates. Equipped with a powerful machine gun.
Used for sedrium collection.
Speсial Forces
A squad formed for the sole purpose of controlling cyborgs in Pripyat. Well protected and deadly.
Сyborg workers of the previous generation. Impotent in battle, thus used for manual labor.

New mechanics

The Exclusion Zone has many secrets and Blackwood technologies make it almost impossible to survive here. Work as a team - loners don't stand a chance!

Location diversity

The environment is ever-changing: cross the no-man’s lands of Pripyat, survive the darkness of Blackwood labs and climb the giant tower to learn its dreadful secret.

An epic new boss

Face the main opponent with its unusual and fearsome defenses. This foe's armor is built to withstand any attack, and thus it will take coordinated teamwork to bring this evil down.

"Nuclear" weapon series

This unique-looking weapon series was inspired by nuclear radiation clouding Chernobyl.

"Nuclear" LMG Kapow
"Nuclear" RGX160
"Nuclear" PEG-7
"Nuclear" CV-12
"Nuclear" WX Metasoma Evo3 A1
"Nuclear" CCR Honey Badger
"Nuclear" TWM X308
"Nuclear" Richmond S22 SAS
"Nuclear" W&S P8
"Nuclear" R1911D1
"Nuclear" Katana
"Nuclear" Tactical Axe

"Pripyat" achievements

Take part in the special operation to unlock new achivements.

More about the update

The update will also feature Christmas and New Year events, festive maps, weapons, achievements and more!