Expanded Battle Mechanic

Wins required: 3

The main point of RMs remains unchanged, but there’s an interesting new mechanic: now you need to win several times in a row to get into the next league. The higher the league, the more persistence you’ll have to show. At the same time, if you lose, you don’t instantly lose your place in the league—you’ll have a chance to prove it was just a fluke by winning a series of matches!

Reward Skins

All the participants in the new ranked matches will receive awesome rewards! Most of them are from a series of new weapon skins. Depending of the time of year, the type of skin will change.

Unique Achievements

The game has been updated with numerous new achievements. Custom stripes awarded for reaching the first league will change every season, making them truly unique! All ranked matches participants will get the "Participant's Token". Collect twelve stripes to receive a unique mark as the ultimate reward!

Increased Rewards

The prize for making each new league will grow. You can not only earn more crowns and money, but also get free boosters!

Improved Sporting Aspect

To increase the importance of cooperative between team members and make battles more tactical, we decided to introduce limitations on the use of some weapons and gear. This will help players practice regularly before the Open Cup matches and get into the sporting side of the project and reach new heights in Warface!

Voice Communication

We’re pleased to introduce another long awaited feature: Voice communication will make team coordination much easier, which will definitely help you achieve success in higher leagues!

Tournament Gear

Specifically for battles in ranked matches, you will have access to special tournament gear. It was practically created to give you the edge in RMs!

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