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Grenade launcher CZ 805 G1
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Welcome the new class- SED

Multi-purpose fighter who can cope with any tactical mission
Weapon line-up

He has a wide range of assault rifles and light machine guns that can be easily adapted for any combat situation.

Assault rifles
Teammate support

He replenishes ammo of his comrades.

Additional ammo

He has an increased ammo supply, can take additional ammunition kits on raids and use them in battles.

Сombat effectiveness

Well-balanced damage, rate of fire and recoil of his weapon make him most effective in middle range combats.

Suppressive fire

He can effectively use light machine guns in fights against overwhelming enemy forces, and turns out especially useful in Special Operations.

Support class - indispensable in any tactical operation
Shotgun line-up

He has a rich supply of smoothbore weapons and some rifled models, and usually fires with shots.

Health regeneration

He uses various kinds of medical kits to restore health points to his teammates and himself.


He uses difibrillators to revive teammates critically wounded in combat.

Damage spread

Damage dealt with shot rifles spreads making projectiles more likely to hit the enemy.

Сombat effectiveness

He is particularly effective in close quarters combat due to devastating damage and minimum spread when firing at short range.

Artificially created robot operated by a pilot
Special weapon models

The robot wields unique arms: a heavy machine gun and a grenade launcher that deals damage and has a flashbang effect.

Unique machine gun
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Grenade launcher CZ 805 G1
Enhanced armor

The new SED model is incredibly strong: it can endure more damage than regular soldiers.

Unassited climbing

Unlike ''human'' soldiers, SED can climb insurmountable obstacles without teammates' help and occupy advantageous vantage points.

Steady mechanism

Thanks to the android's special stability and rock-solid construction no precise shot or blow can knock it off its feet.

Modular equipment

The robot uses special modular gear that significantly improves its specifications.

Increased stamina

It has increased stamina and can cover long distances at the cost of slow movement.

Support class — professional miner and defender
Weapons with high rate of fire

Submachine guns feature the highest rate of fire and are most suitable for hailing rain of lead on the opponents.

Submachine guns
Сombat effectiveness

He is particularly effective at close and middle range thanks to well-balanced specs of the primary gun such as rate of fire, damage and recoil.

SED reactivation

He uses a special tool to reactivate SED in case its mechanism has been critically damaged.

Professional miner

No other class can compete with him in the speed of claymore planting and defusing.

Armor restoring

He uses various repair kits to replenish armor to his teammates and himself.

A cold-minded and unforgiving backup soldier
Precision rifles

He wields marksman rifles with the best optics for landing accurate shots right in the bull's-eye.

Precision rifles
Сombat effectiveness

He is particularly effective at long and middle range thanks to devastating damage and unsurpassed accuracy.

Anti-personnel mine

He has an anti-personnel mine that he can plant on the home front to safeguard himself against a surprise attack.

Maximum damage

Bolt-action rifles deal incredible damage at the cost of low rate of fire.

Target knock out

His impacts can knock out well armored targets by knocking them off their feet.

The game also offers
Excellent graphics


More than 10 PVP and PVE modes

Fight in story-based PvE missions together with your friends or take part in tactical PvP matches confronting other players: 60 PvP maps, 9 modes and 11 special operations.

AK 103
Craft a weapon of your own

Choose any weapon model out of 170 and customise it to your liking!

Season events and tournaments

Take part in season battle passes and eSport tournaments!

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