Welcome, soldier!
Your set of "Armageddon" equipment and weapons from the "Deimos" series for 15 days are already waiting for you in My Items on the website! Collect your gifts and expand your arsenal with excellent equipment and arm yourself with killer guns such as the VHS-2, SAP6, Uzi Pro, AT308, MPA 930DMG, as well as the Sapper Shovel.
Welcome back, soldier!
Your set of "Armageddon" equipment and weapons from the "Deimos" series for 15 days are already waiting for you in My Items on the website! Collect your gifts and expand your arsenal with excellent equipment and arm yourself with killer guns such as the HArms CQR, Uzkon UNG-12, LWRC SMG-45, H&K G28, CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot, as well as the Sapper Shovel.
Hi, soldier!
Gifts in this block are available only to beginners or those who haven’t entered the game in the last 30 days. But don’t worry, you can get other rewards for performing tasks from the new agents!
Hi, soldier!
You can only receive these gifts once! Want more prizes? Head over to the agents and complete tasks to get valuable rewards!

"Prison Break"
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Complete the agent tasks and get their equipment as a reward for 3 days. Keep an eye out for new agents to get even more rewards!

Available for completion

Agent "Sledgehammer"

Barney "Sledgehammer" Cross is a former Secret Service officer under the president. He was the most devoted man of "Uncle Sam" for 15 years. Barney had to retire after being seriously injured in an attack on the president at a G8 summit. After ending his career, he founded a security agency, "Hammer", which ensures the safety of high-profile persons. Familiar with all the intricacies of the Secret Service, Barney "Sledgehammer" effortlessly manages his organization, easily solving the most complex security issues. He also keeps warm memories about the past and takes part in operations, especially in the hottest spots. The harder the battle, the better! Since Barney is a tactical medic by specialization, he tries to adhere to the principle of "everyone will return home safe."
Available for completion

Agent "Spark"

Alla Semenova has gone through fire and water to become her country's most elegant and deadly agent. She knew she wanted to serve the Motherland in the spirit of the old school KGB agents, and she was prepared for anything to achieve this. The girl was not afraid of increased demands: incredible stamina, psychological and physical endurance, and absolute dedication. Her father, Mikhail Semyonov, had extensive connections in state security. It would seem that Alla had an easy career start. But the head of the family became her first opponent.

He didn't lift a finger to help Alla pass the checks. Stage by stage, she proved her abilities and confirmed her talents. But instead of being praised at home, she received only scathing remarks. Alla mastered the skills necessary for work and spent hours training at the shooting range year after year. Her father refused to promote her in the service and recognize her achievements. Mikhail Semyonov wanted Alla to become the best agent in the course of his career, which required training even harder. Even at his daughter's graduation ceremony, he stood with a stone-cold expression on his face, but Alla understood how proud he was of her success.

Enrollment in the intelligence staff opened the doors to a unique and dangerous world full of state secrets and the games of influential people for the girl. The agent has spent many years justifying the trust her employers had in her and instilling terror in the world's intelligence officers. The special operations, led by Alla Semenova, ended in total success: whether it was the elimination of enemies or preventing assassination attempts. At the snap of her fingers, her special assault squad "GRAD" solves all the "inconvenient affairs" of this world's mightiest, anywhere in the world. Alla has become one of the most dangerous secret agents in the world.

Available for completion

Agent "Coyote"

Jane Lawrence has loved shooting cans in the backyard of her home ever since she was a child - her accuracy was envied by all the neighboring kids. This accuracy changed the next chapter in the life of the "Jackals". Being a teenager with a hot temper, the girl tried to prove her coolness to an older shady company. The task seemed simple - intimidate the campy neighbor. At worst, she would just get in trouble for hooliganism. But things didn’t go according to plan - her hand was trembling. The ex "friends" were the first to flee the scene, and frightened Jane hesitated and quickly found herself behind bars.

She stopped trusting people, stopped making friends, and always kept to herself, but she aptly and scathingly, and for that, she received the nickname "Coyote". In prison, Jane didn’t lose her skills - she effortlessly hit the bullseye on any target for bets, irritating the guards with pebbles or paper spitballs. Her talent didn’t go unnoticed, and soon after getting out of prison, Jane Lawrence got into her first gang. Year after year, she honed her marksmanship, taking up the riskiest orders with fervor.

The fame of the "Coyote" reached its peak when the girl eliminated a target in a high-speed train rushing at a speed of 400 km / h, from a distance of one and a half kilometers. Finally, Jane began to play the game by her own rules - so she quickly established her own gang the "Jackals" and with her inherent effortlessness, she raided a couple of government warehouses with weapons and ammunition. Now Jane Lawrence and her gang hold several cities in the southern state in fear. But sometimes, for the sake of their own interest and for a couple of millions, they deal with "personal issues" of influential persons.