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The "Parasite" weapon set for 1 day and a unique achievement.

New seasons system

We are happy to introduce a new system of seasons! Now you can enjoy various content related to the same theme.
"Swarm" Special Operation
Battle Pass
New rewards
New Weapons

"Swarm" Special Operation

The Special Operation "Swarm" is a new thriller taking place in the Nevada desert and challenging the most brave and daring soldiers.

There's something extraordinary going on in the Mojave Desert, so the Warface "Sigma-3" squad is sent to investigate the case.


Our famous heroes will help you survive the descent to the enemy's lair. Learn more about them in our video comics!

Video about Noda
Video about Sigma-3

You'll find yourself in a deserted town in the state of Nevada and face pitch darkness of laboratories and a bone-chilling underground bunker.


A gigantic Queen of Arachnids is hiding somewhere in the depths of the underground complex!


Get ready to meet arachnids — a race of predatory creatures with unique fighting tactics.


Look for the clues to get access to the base, examine the location and be on the alert.


By completing the special operation within a certain time, you will get a box with valuable rewards!


Collect a set of unique achievement by completing "Swarm" special operation tasks.

New PvP-map

Test your fighting skills on a new themed "Team Death Match" map and get new achievements!
Map achievements

Battle Pass

Complete various tasks and get unique skins, weapons, charms and achievements.

New Weapons

Check out new arsenal update!
Mepro M5 Reflex Sight

Fast 1.3x zoom. Decreases muzzle shake by 80%.

UTG Ambi Combat D Grip

Improves accuracy by 15%. Decreases recoil by 15%. Increases reload speed.

IWI Carmel Suppressor

Decreases damage drop. Improves penetration. Slightly decreases recoil shake.

IWI Carmel Silencer

Provides for a stealthier shooting. Decreases damage by 5%. Reduces spread by 20%.

01 - 03
IWI Carmel
Reflex Sight

1.2x zoom


Decreases damage drop by 10% and improves penetration


Does not reduce damage.

02 - 03
Ruger Mark IV Lite
Unique suppressor Jailbrake Mk2

Decreases damage drop, improves penetration and reduces hip fire spread increase by 10%.

More spacious magazine

The gun also boasts higher damage and rate of fire.


The SAI GRY LMG favourably compares to other machine guns thanks to its good accuracy and soft recoil.

03 - 03

Digital Collector's Edition

Start gathering your own collection of rare seasonal items and cool memorable articles.
The set is bought for an account and is available on all servers and exchange on the Marketplace.

A trophy beetle's leg will always remind you of victories during the season.

Unique achievement

Real treasure for true collectors.

"Reaper" Pistol

A powerful pistol featuring an exclusive themed design.

5 $ / 4,75 €
Purchase the bundle

Get even more rewards

Follow your favourite bloggers, get promo codes and claim unique personalized achievements!


How can I purchase the Collector's Edition?
Click the "Purchase" button on this page.
I bought the Collector's Edition bundle, where can I find it?
You will find it in the "Services" tab of the website
I bought the Collector's Edition bundle. Can I use it for all my characters?
Yes, the bundle is bought for the account from which the purchase was carried out.
Can I sell my Collector's Edition on the Marketplace?
Yes, you can.