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Coming soon: R14 Crazy Horse

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A new sniper rifle is coming to the game – the R14 Crazy Horse.

This is a semi-automatic weapon that stands out for its high damage and excellent accuracy. It will make a fine companion for any sniper. A successful hit can kill an opponent where they stand, and its rate of fire allows you to quickly fix a miss.

The Original

The rifle was developed in the early 2000s specially for the needs of the US infantry as a fire support for assault units and for taking out enemies at ranges of up to 600 meters. The M14 was envisioned as a compact and easy to modify weapon for its class that could be used by soldiers who had only undergone basic sniper training.

In Warface

In the game it will be known as R14 Crazy Horse. The snipers of Warface will be able to put their hands on it on the next update.

The rifle has excellent damage for a semi-automatic model: 350. This fully compensates for the relatively low rate of fire. The R14 Crazy Horse has high accuracy and a 10-round magazine, which allows you to neutralize quite a few enemies before reloading. No doubt that this new weapon will be very useful in completing a certain team task that all soldiers will soon come to learn about.

The gold version of this weapon has an increased range and firing rate. In addition, all types of zombies will take 250% more damage regardless of semi-automatic firing. Definitely worth having!

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