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Preview: “Absolute” weapon set

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The game will soon receive a brand new set of weapons: the “Absolute” series. This set is packed with one of the rarest and deadliest weapons for any combat encounter thinkable, or unthinkable!

The weapon set will be available within the “Absolute Power” event, but it’ll be a true test of skill and determination to get these guns!


The Absolute weapon set consists of various weapons suited for any tactical task, regardless of which class you choose. Aside this set, various other weapons will be upgraded and featured in the global operation: Arsenal (legendary tier), Kredit and Warface Dollars Random Box weapons, as well as the new smoke grenades.

All of these share the same neon color scheme with gems, and wear the global operation logo. These guns are a perfect match for the “Absolute” body armor and skins, creating the image of a truly ultimate fighter.

Weapons of the “Absolute” series have the same specifications as the base versions.


The global operation will also introduce new weapon skins for your favourite guns -- customize them to make them truly unique and yours! That is, once you obtain the skin!

Both absolute weapons and skins will be tradable on the marketplace!

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