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“Absolute Power”: crates and marketplace access

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The marketplace is active yet again for all players. At the same time the participants of “Absolute Power” can start crafting personal crates.

Crate crafting and opening

You can already start crafting crates on the “Absolute Power” page. Customize the contents of your crates and drop rates, open the crates for Battle Points and receive the rewards of your choosing. You can simultaneously use up to two crates.


Step 1: Select a skin for your crate.

Step 2: Choose the contents for your crate.

Step 3: Adjust drop rates and crafting.

Step 4: Publish you crate to complete the creation.

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Also now you can open crates previously earned through bonuses for completing squad objectives. Unlock them for free in “My crates” section of “Absolute Power” menu.

Marketplace access

Marketplace available for all players has returned to the website. Even if you are not taking part in global operations – visit the marketplace, acquire new items and boost your arsenal! The trade currency is Kredits.

Reminder:  only the participants of “Absolute Power” and “Atlas of War” can sell items on the marketplace. Only permanent items can be sold.

Progress improvements

“Absolute Power” progress has been improved even further. HQ level restrictions on available objectives  have been removed. Now you can instantly get up to five objectives when unlocking a continent! We are sure that will make your experience “Absolute”.

Unique rewards, exciting mechanics and all sorts of missions await. The earlier you start the more rewards you will be able to receive. Seize “Absolute Power”!

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