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Absolute Power: increased rewards & discounts

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The New Year’s almost here, and we’ve doubled rewards for completing Absolute Power objectives! Apart from that, up until the holidays are over the costs to upgrade your HQ and hire new soldiers have been lowered, while the Battle points can now be purchased at a discount!

2 times more experience for completing objectives

All Absolute Power members will receive 100% more personal experience for completing objectives of the global operation, starting on the 29th of December, 09:00 UTC, to the 8th of January 2018.

Personal experience for game objectives

Difficulty  Regular XP XP with festive boost
Easy 10 20
Normal 20 40
Hard 40 80
Nightmare 50 100
Personal experience for squad objectives
Universal 5 10
Class-specific 15 30
Elite 50 100


Hiring soldiers and upgrading the HQ is now 2x cheaper!

  Base cost New cost
HQ improvement 150 90 (40% off)
Squad troops    
Level 4 750 375 (50% off)
Level 3 500 250 (50% off)
Level 2 300 150 (50% off)
Level 1 50 25 (50% off)


Battle points and access purchase discounts

If you still haven’t made up your mind about unlocking “Absolute Power”, this is the time to cast all doubts aside! Up until the 8th of January you can get access to “Absolute Power” with a 25% discount. The same applies to the Quick Start bundle!

The same discount applies to all Battlepoints purchases (100, 500 and 2500) within the global operation. Don’t forget that the first Battlepoint purchase awards you twice the points!


Increased rewards and discounts will be active until the 8th of January, 09:00 UTC.

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