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Icebreaker AY 226 and Katana now in shop

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While the spring melts the hearts of many soldiers, true elite battle-hardened veterans do not lift stern expression from their faces, while preparing for yet another round of combat – for money, glory and pride.  Even if your main weapon is of no use – pick up these arms and emerge victorious in any confrontation!

AY 226 “Icebreaker”

This sidearm maintains its cutting edge with excellent damage and scores one of the highest accuracy/range value combinations among secondary weapons in the game. Its rate of fire allows for quick follow-up shots, a feat enhanced even further by its capacity – much thanks to the extended magazine. Let the ice wind chill your foes to the bone!


The Katana is a traditional weapon of  Japanese warriors – the Samurai. It is renowned for its efficiency in slashing any obstacle – all the more so with highly advanced Katana blades manufactured by Blackwood. There’s nothing like unsheathing a full-size modern battle sword when faced against the enemy and  left out of ammo. Bushido dignified!

Freeze and shatter!

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