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Marketplace Update #2

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Dear players!

We know that marketplace is one of the hottest community topics nowadays, so we decided to implement a different approach this time and, if we can’t give you this feature, at least provide you with a detailed description of how it goes with it and address the most important questions arising in the community.

First thing we wanted to say is, we are aiming to open the marketplace for players after August, 23rd.

Secondly, we have thoroughly studied your feedback and we are ready to comment on the most commonly aroused questions regarding the marketplace.

Q: Why did you decide to open the Marketplace for My.Com players, when there are so many Steam players, maybe even more than My.Com users?

A: The point is, we didn’t “choose the side”. We were choosing between helping a vast part of our players and helping no one. We opted for the first. Currently, we are working on a solution that will suit all players in Warface.

Q: You separated players according to the type of their account and gave them different priviliges. It’s unfair.

A: We equally respect all our players. The problem lies not in Steam itself, but in the fraud that is possible there. We are grateful to those who support our game with money, so that we could support the servers, enhance our development and promote Warface all over the world. Whenever fraud occurs, it significantly impedes the development process, that is why we cannot risk the fraud.

Q: Why does community have to suffer because of issues between My.Com and Steam?

A: We do not have any issues between us and Steam, it’s rather that we don’t have enough experience in fighting the fraud in Steam. And that is why we are grateful to every single piece of advice you give us on that, as well as to those who inform players about the situation (ty, seanwlk!)

Q: You can’t convert a Steam account back, so now your access to the Marketplace depends on sheer luck, whether you converted it to Steam or not.

A: We are currently doing everything we can to eliminate this inconsistency, as we want each an every our player to enjoy our game on the same level and have access to all the privileges. Unfortunately, convertions back from Steam account into account contradict the policy of Steam games: we are just not allowed to do that.

Q: Why can you still buy Kredits in Steam? What’s the difference?

A: The overall damage is different. If someone just buys a load of Kredits from a stolen account and even buys some guns for that, we can just block the account and roll everything back. However, with the access to marketplace violators can distribute these weapons to many other accounts, which makes them way more difficult to trace. Besides, innocent players can suffer while using Kredits or items obtained from the violator without even knowing they obtain it from a violator.

So, these were the main issues we found in various marketplace topics. If you have any ideas on how we can fight fraud in Steam and make marketplace available again, you are welcome to leave them in one of the discussion threads mentioned below. Next week we are planning to give you feedback on your suggestions about it.

We thank you once again for your understanding and patience and apologize for not providing you with the service on the expected level.

All the best,

Warface Team

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