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More Impulse weapons in store

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Looking to expand your armory? We are here to serve! Let’s take a closer look at the next gen hi-tech designs. The future is now!

"Impulse" MSBS Radon, Uzkon UNG-12, XM8 Compact and Remington R11 RSASS with the respective weapon skins are out.

"Impulse" weapons

In the spotlight we have traditional time-tested tools of war, suited for any combat situation. 

MSBS RadonMSBS Radon
Uzkon UNG-12Uzkon UNG-12
XM8 CompactXM8 Compact
Remington R11 RSASSRemington R11 RSASS

"Impulse" achievements

Landing 15 000 kills with the power of your “Impulse” will unlock custom stripes that can be pinned on your profile!

Get 'em on impulse!

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