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FN FAL DSA-58 is back in store

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A true rifleman masterpiece is available in store  - only till the 1st of April!


Just as the name suggests, the weapon traces its roots to the era of battle rifles. That is, when full-powered rifle cartridges — 7.62 and alike — were used in regular armed forces. Nowadays, this class of rifles is exclusive to those who mean to cause some real damage on the battlefield. Sounds like Riflemen, does it not?

FN FAL DSA 58  is a shortened, modified variant of the Belgian FN FAL, refitted with Picatinny rails and produced by an American small arms manufacturer, DS Arms. Widely recognized around the world alongside the Kalashnikov and the M16, this rifle features unsurpassed reliability earning it the reputation it has today — it’ll even fire and function as normal when frozen in ice.


The FN FAL comes equipped with a unique tactical grip, DSA-58. This is a considerable improvement in terms of handling the weapon, drastically increasing the accuracy when fired from the hip. Custom high-powered munitions allow it to deal increase damage to arms and legs in the game, as well as granting it improved damage at greater distances.

Use this weapon wisely! The laser module allows for easier targeting, though the red beam will definitely stand out in poorly-lit environment. It’s important to note that the beam does not blind your target, even when pointed directly at them.

This rifle comes in two variants: regular and golden; both available in Random Kredit Boxes. The Golden FN FAL features a higher rate of fire, improved hipfire accuracy and an increased magazine.

FN FAL’s high damage and range values challenge the usual limitations of the class, which makes it a favourable choice for PvP. Extra range translates into extra seconds to take down classes that need to close in on you, and while facing snipers you’ll be able to win these very few seconds for yourself.


Get special stripes for tearing your foes to pieces!

Get a feel of real firepower!

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