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Not all that glitters is gold. Well, it kinda is in our case. We present you three remarkable powerhouses of our game's arsenal. These beauties are not only a feast for the eyes - they are domination incarnate, meaning that you won't find a better deal than this one.

Gold PKP Pecheneg, Gold Desert Tech  MDR-C and Gold Remington MSR graciously visit the store till the 1st of April.

Gold PKP Pecheneg

PKP Pecheneg is the true king of delivering devastating damage and sowing sheer havoc among your enemies. Owing to its superb firepower and rate of fire values, this light machine gun is well suited for annihilating foes in precise bursts.

Gold Desert Tech  MDR-C

This bullpup SMG features controlled recoil, quick reloading and high damage, which allows it to pierce helmets even when using a silencer. It is an engineer gun that allows barrel and zoom upgrades.

Gold Remington MSR

Remington MSR is the undisputed champion of long-range shootouts with one-shot capability. Definitely a solid pick for PvP, isn’t it? The rifle also comes with several available attachments, two of them are unique: a 4x Bushnell Fastzoom scope and a Remington suppressor that increases minimal damage through stabilization.

Shower them with bullets!

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