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Get ready for a new chapter of the Warface story!

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A Special Operation opening a new page in the confrontation between Warface and Blackwood will soon appear in the game. Are you ready for tests and adventures that are awaiting the Warface squad? Get fully prepared for the turmoil ahead!

Recall it all before opening THE MOST IMPORTANT chapter in the Warface story 

The Warface squad carries out a series of important special operations in various parts of the world. Complete combat tasks during special operations and PvP battles to earn rewards! Log in or sign up on a special promo page to get access to the tasks. 

Recall it all!

For each completed task in "Quick Play", participants will receive boxes with cards for crafting, and powerful guns of the “Obsidian” and “Onyx” series. These trusty weapons will undoubtedly come in handy while completing the following missions and Special Operations.











Are you ready to turn the page?

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