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Soon in game: Benelli M4 Custom and AN-94 "Abakan"

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In the upcoming update, the primary weapon selection will be replenished with new items. Hurry up to learn more. We are sharing the first details. Medics will get a powerhouse of a shotgun Benelli M4 Custom, while the Riflemen's arsenal will be topped up with the assault rifle AN-94 "Abakan". These guns sport excellent specifications and can be easily modified to suit the shooter's needs, which will definitely appeal to connoisseurs of perfectly balanced weapons.

Benelli M4 Custom

The M4 is the first auto-regulating gas-operated shotgun produced by Benelli. Its simplicity, durability and originality quickly attracted the public interest - and the weapon was quickly employed by the military. Its system consists of two main parts: a gas chamber and a short stroke gas piston. The patented gas-operated system guarantees high accuracy of fire, as well as reliability and durability of the weapon. This made the M4 one of the best combat shotguns of the US military.

In the game, the arm offers a semi-automatic firing mode. Anyone armed with a Benelli M4 Custom is capable of easily eliminating any opponent with one single shot. In addition, depending on the tactical situation, the gun can be easily modified with a unique suppressor and a fast 1,3x zoom sight.

The golden version, apart from luxurious looks, will boast an even higher rate of fire and increased magazine capacity.

  • Benelli M4 Custom Suppressor reduces muzzle flash and damage drop, and improves penetration.
  • Collimator Hakko BED-24 Panorama sports a fast 1.3x zoom and reduces spread and recoil by 20%.


By landing killing blows with the new weapon, you'll get memorable distinctions.

AN-94 "Abakan"

The AN-94 "Abakan" was developed by a small arms designer Gennady Nikonov. The assault rifle boasts high accuracy and low spread. When firing in long bursts, the weapon shows as good performance as the AK-74 regarding accuracy and bullet spread while in single burst fire mode it even surpasses its peer due to a long sight line.

In the game, the rifle fires two bullets in a semi-automatic firing mode. The weapon specs are perfectly balanced: excellent damage and rate of fire, good aiming range and the availability of a unique grip that reduces spread and increases the arm reloading speed.

The golden version of the assault rifle, apart from stunning looks, will boast an even better effective range and increased magazine capacity.

  • A special "Abakan" grip decreases spread and recoil by 15%, and improves the reload speed by 15%..


By landing killing blows with the new weapon, you'll get memorable distinctions.

Please note that the specs indicated are preliminary and can be subject to change per general testing results.

Take no chances, use the best weapons of war at your disposal!

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