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Battle Pass "Snowstorm" is in full swing

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Many novelties, including the Battle Pass with cool rewards, were added to the game with the seasonal update "Snowstorm". What level have you reached? Play in your favourite modes, complete daily tasks, level up and get powerful weapons!

Key Changes F.A.Q.

Battle Pass Rewards

The Battle Pass "Snowstorm" offers lots of prizes, including unique weapon charms and achievements, stylish camos for powerful weapons, excellent gear, boosters and Battle Pass coins. Moreover, after reaching level 30 of the Battle Pass, you will gain access to special contracts with awesome permanent weapons of the "Snowstorm" series. Hurry up to get all the rewards!

Seasonal Shop

In the seasonal shop, you can exchange the accumulated Battle Pass coins for the following arms: AS Val Custom, MC 255 12 Custom, H&K UMP Custom and AMP DSR-1 Custom.

Seasonal Contracts

Complete contracts to receive competitive equipment for all classes and weapons of the "Snowstorm" series — KAC PDW, Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima, MPA10SST-X Special and Steyr Scout Special! The contracts for equipment are immediately available to all players, while the contracts  for weapons get unlocked for premium BP access holders at level 30.

Rewards for Levels

Level up to get lots of cool prizes:

  • melee weapons:  Snowstorm Balisong Knife and Tundra Survival Machete
  • Tundra camos for Mossberg 590 Custom, AKS-74U, Tavor CTAR-21 Special, Mauser Kar98k and Makarov Pistol
  • Snowstorm camos for KAC PDW, Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima, MPA10SST-X Special and Steyr Scout Special
  • Mastery Booster and much more!


By leveling up in the Battle Pass, you will get plenty of amazing achievements to pin on your profile.

Moreover, you can earn several unique charms inspired by the season. Decorate your arms with brand new accessories!

See you in battle!

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