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Soon: Kredit Pack Changes

Categories: Dev News


We wanted to give you a heads-up about some price changes that will roll out on July 27, 2023. We occasionally readjust prices to meet the changing economic conditions. Kredit packs will get a discount, so currency purchases will become more profitable for you. We also strive to gradually synchronize the gaming experience on PC and consoles, so there will be changes on all the platforms.

What'll change?

  • The 300 Kredit pack will be removed.

  • The "Custom Amount" will be replaced with a 12,000 Kredit pack for 100$.

  • The local currency exchange rates will be updated.

  • Kredits will become cheaper. You'll buy a larger amount of currency for the same price. Moreover, the larger the pack, the more affordable Kredits will be:

    • 1,000K + 10%  → 1,100K

    • 2,500K + 12% → 2,800K

    • 5,000K + 14% → 5,700K

Stay tuned!

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