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Bonus For Battles: Offer Conditions and F.A.Q.

Bonus For Battles is an offer in which you can get your very own top-up bonus by playing your favorite modes. Play, save and increase your bonus during the first stage, and then — use it on the second.

Offer Page

How to participate?

  • Log into your desired account.
  • Wait for the offer to start and for the information about in to appear in the "News" section of the website.
  • Check the offer page to make sure that the offer is active.
  • Proceed to the first step — play any game modes. Your time spent in matches is converted into a personal bonus.
  • Depending on the offer settings, you can top up with a fixed amount of Kredits and increase your final bonus on the first step.
  • After completing the first stage, you can use the final accumulated bonus. You can get the bonus only if you top up on the special page. The bonus will be credited along with your payment to your game account.
  • You can track your progress on the offer page. Data is refreshed every hour — at night, it can take up to 6 hours.

More about the offer conditions

  • You can get the bonus only if you top up on the special page and only for a fixed amount, participating in the offer. You can find more information in the "News" section or the website's official top-up page.
  • The accumulation and activation stages of the bonus are both time-limited. You will not get the bonus if you try to top up your account in the accumulation stage. You should do each step during the appropriate stage.
  • The offer settings may change from launch to launch. Be sure to check the current conditions on the offer page.
  • If you want to increase the bonus with a top-up for a fixed amount, make sure this option is currently available. Remember that you can only increase the bonus in the first accumulative step.
  • You can use the bonus once for each pack of Kredits, participating in the offer, and only while the second phase of the offer is active.
  • If you don't use your accumulated bonus in time, it will expire and will not be transferred to the next launch.
  • Bonus Kredits can be used on the Marketplace or in-game. You can also spend them to change your character's or a clan's name.


Q: Will I be able to accumulate the bonus by playing in Custom Rooms?
A: Yes, any game sessions count for the offer.

Q: If I leave the match before it ends, will my progress be lost?
A: No it won't, any amount of time spent in battle counts, even if the game session wasn't finished correctly.

Q: What is the maximum bonus I can accumulate?
A: It depends on the offer settings. The up-to-date information is available on the offer page.

Q: Does the bonus accumulate in PvE and special operations, the "Gun Game" mode and in the "Retaliation" mission?
A: Yes, the bonus accumulates for playing in any mode.

Q: Does the bonus work with only one of the Kredit packs?
A: The bonus will apply only to the first purchase of each pack. The full list of packs is available on the offer page.